Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vineyard Hopping – San Michele di Serino (Av)– Villa Raiano

I believe that I chose THE worst day to visit the vineyards of Villa Raiano. Rain. The road barely visible. The winery almost unrecognizable thanks to the pea soup fog. And the panorama-view-that I was looking forward to seeing? Forget it. Even Simone Basso, founder of the winery, told me that I was unfortunate on this particular day…But I like to look for the light at the end of the tunnel…the rainbow.

I found it. The winery tour.

Walking through the immaculate hallways, I tried hard to listen to the various details of location, territory, etc…but my eyes kept wandering to the scenery…the intense yet simple interior design. The dimly lit corridors, that formed a semicircle, lined with countless bottles of Taurasi 2007 and wooden boxes. A hallway that led to an area. ..The area where it all happens. Small stainless steel vats housing wines from individual vineyards. Towering overhead… gazing down on us were large beams along with barriques watching...observing. Observing as we entered the nearby cantina.

Here endless rows of barriques, barrels full of aglianico. Aglianico waiting in silence. A silence interrupted only by the soft flow of a light waterfall from a side wall.

Back down the hall, up a winding staircase…my rainbow. Down towards one of the several wine tasting rooms. In the center of the room… a large white glass table. A smooth glass table with three bottles. White...smooth…fitting. Fitting because the three bottles held 3 of Villa Raiano’s newest white wines. My Fiano di Avellino and my Greco di Tufo. I realized at this point that I would be getting a chance to try these wines before they were released to the public…Three wines…limited edition…only 3000 bottles each. Release date, 15 October 2010.

2 were  Fianos, each distinct…each singing its own song. Alimata, a white made with Fiano grapes from Montefredane (Av). Alimata…named after the Contrada where the vineyard is found. Ventidue (22)…from Lapio. A wine whose vineyards are twenty two kilometers from Villa Raiano. Two wines…two stories. I felt two different sensations during the olfactory examination….when I placed my nose to the glass. I experienced two different tastes. Why? The soil ?Montefredane’s clayey soil is more compact. Maybe. The climate? Lapio’s climate has the lowest average temperature in all of Irpinia. But beautiful sunshine…Could be.

Why would a winery like Villa Raiano add two more Fianos to their inventory? Maybe so that you could find your Fiano. A Fiano that you will enjoy, one that fits your definition of a great Campania white wine. One in which you can indulge in the light straw color, the aromas, the freshness.

I said that there were three bottles on the table. The third was waiting. A Greco di Tufo. Contrada Marotta. Named after the area in Greco's backyard where the vineyard is found.  2009…Greco’s year. A Greco that kicked...lightly. A Greco that proudly shared its acidity, its tannins, its aromas such as salvia and thyme. Aromas that didn’t attack, but welcomed….

During this tasting, the sun slowly broke through the fog…poured through the windows, shone through the bottles…lightly flickered through the glasses.

I had forgotten about my abandoned vineyard tour…my walk through the vines.

Here I not only found my rainbow…here I found my pot of goldVilla Raiano.

Villa Raiano
Via Bosco Satrano, 1 - Loc. Cerreto -
83020 San Michele di Serino (AV) Italia

Tel. +39 0825 595550
(+39 0825 595663)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rossi di Sera at La Locanda di Bu –Nusco (Av)...October 15th With Il Cancelliere

Chef Antonio Pisaniello and his wife Sommelier Jenny Auriemma have put together an incredible Friday night series entitled Rossi di Sera (Reds of the Evening). This Friday, Jenny has chosen the winery Il Cancelliere to sit side by side with a 5 course meal prepared by Chef Pisaniello.

 The cost is 40 Euro (wines included).

For more information, contact La Locanda di Bu at 0827 64619 or 392 26 03 952

Amazing Appetizers - 4 Sformatini by Chef Francesco Landi

Lunch time, Saturday afternoon.  A small centro storico in Avellino.  Tavernola San Felice to be exact. La Buona Novella  to be more precise.   The plan was to have a quick lunch between vineyard visits. But when Annarita Landi  brought these little bundles prepared by her brother Francesco to the table, I couldn't help but take my camera out a snap a photo. 

A plain white plate. Four little colorful packages. Each with a warm, comfortable filling.  From left to right...Ricotta and spinach. Verza and baccalà (cod). Potatoes with scarmoza cheese and porcini mushrooms.  Radicchio with guanciale (pork cheek) and carmasciano cheese.

Definitely an amazing appetizer...
And yes, it does taste as good as it looks.

La Buona Novella, Aiello del Sabato (Av)
Chef Francesco Landi
Via Capocasale, 3-4 Località Tavernola San Felice
Tel. 0825.667279
Closed Tuesdays

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Macenata ...(Grape Stomping) - Paternopoli (Av), September 25

If you love Aglianico, then Paternopoli in the Avellino province is the hot ticket on Saturday.  Wineries from Paternopoli, Castelfranci, and Montemarano will be on hand to show you what their territory has to offer. 

Highlights of the day include a guided wine tasting (In Italian) at 1800.  Reservations are required, seating limited.  340 095 2723

At 2000 wine tastings and food stands will open up. 

AND then it's time for the Macenata---Grape stomping!!! That is scheduled for 2130 and 2230.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fantastic Firsts-Paccheri di Baronia con Provolone del Monaco by Chef Antonio Pisaniello

I am a big fan of Campania's primi piatti. Here is one by Chef Antonio Pisaniello, La Locanda di Bu in Nusco (Av).

For 4 people


 350 g paccheri di Gragnano, 250 g of fresh tomatoes, 2 medium eggplants, 150 g of Provolone del Monaco cheese , basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt.


Wash and dry the eggplants. Cut off and discard the ends. Cut the remaining eggplant into cubes and fry in plenty of olive oil. Drain in a container (lined with paper towels so that they absorb the excess oil.) In the meantime, wash the tomatoes and cut them in half. Put them in a saucepan with olive oil, a clove of garlic, basil and salt and cook for five minutes. Add the eggplant to the tomatoes, add salt if necessary, and simmer for a couple of minutes. Cut the Provolone del Monaco into small cubes. Drain the pasta a minute before the required cooking time and pour into the saucepan with the eggplant and tomatoes. Add the Provolone del Monaco and mix everything in over very low heat. .

*If you like you can add grated cheese and fried eggplant peel.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Professor and Terre del Principe

Over the past 18 months, I’ve had numerous occasions to try Terre del Principe’s wines. At their winery, wine tastings, Vinitaly, too many to count. I have never, however, never, ever, participated in a wine tasting like the one I had the opportunity to sit in on Sunday.

Benvenuta Vendemmia at Terre del Principe. They, like many wineries throughout Italy, invited the public to their ‘home’ to witness the fall harvest. This one was special. This event featured a vertical wine tasting of two of their wines. Le Serole and Centomoggia. AND this wine tasting was led by Professor Luigi Moio, Campania’s most respected winemaker. The first time that this winery has ever organized a tasting of all these vintages at one sitting. History was about to be made.

A packed cantina…a patient professor…glasses ready…class is in session.

Professor Moio began with an introduction. A prologue, if you will, on his thoughts about how a particular grape has an enormous sfida, a challenge to represent a territory. How he, along with Terre del Principe’s Peppe Mancini, started out on this journey so many years ago. How could Pallagrello Bianco…a grape that had vanished from the ‘charts,’ make a wine that could fa volare il territorio (make this territory take flight)? A grape – after visual examination – that resembles chardonnay. A grape that is odorless. A grape whose acidity MUST be checked on continuously while on the vine…to catch that acidity at the right point…harvest time.

A vertical wine tasting conducted by the winemaker. As we tasted Le Serole vintages 2006-2009, Prof Moio involved the audience-or I should say-his class in the olfactory portion. As the years ‘rolled by’, we noticed aromas in earlier vintages which were no longer present in later ones. We tasted levels of acidity that varied in each glass. Like a true professor, Moio was at the white board…pen in hand…drawing diagrams…explaining what happens and why, perchè...Le Serole 2006 was the favorite here.  A testimony to how well a fine white wine can age.

The room was silent. Many mesmerized like I was. Hanging on to every word.

Bring on the reds. Centomoggia vintages from 2003-2007. Casavecchia grape. Another challenge. Terre del Principe needed to experiment the first couple of years to understand when the best period for harvest would be. This grape has a tendency to close during the fermentation process. What did this grape need to make a fine wine? Year after year the aroma of dark fruits evolved into cherry. Full bodied, clean. I was taken by the deep dark purple color. Many agreed that all around Centomoggia 2004 was the year for this wine. Here we detected spices, it had evolved. It was at its optimum level.

So what is the purpose of a tasting such as this? These wines are young…the winery is young.

This tasting, in my opinion, gives the wine enthusiast a chance to learn.

A chance to experience.

And in this case, a chance to make a little bit of history with Terre del Principe and Professor Luigi Moio.

Enoteca Mercadante Kicks off the Fall Season

Enoteca Mercadante will kick off its fall season on the 23rd of September. The enoteca/winebar, located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, will reopen in the evenings around 2000 ish. Stop by, have a glass of wine, try the menu prepared by Chef Luca Pipolo…relax. For more information on events such as concerts, wine appreciation courses, and wine tastings, go to their website at http://www.enotecamercadante.com/

Enoteca Mercadante
Corso Vittorio Emanuele n.643/644 - CAP 80121 - Napoli
Stefano Continisio: 334/7807377
Francesco Continisio: 393/4110761
Fax: 081/680964
Email: info@enotecamercadante.com

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Trento DOC -Città del Gusto (Na) – October 4th

After a long summer, Gambero Rosso’s Città del Gusto is back with an event that is more like a party. A party dedicated to Trento DOC.

31 wineries.

Over 40 different wines.


Finger Foods by Chefs Nicola Miele (Città del Gusto Napoli) and Michele De Leo (Grand Hotel Angiolieri)

The fun starts at 2000 hrs ish.

The cost of the evening is 12 Euro (6 Euro for members of Slow Food, Ais, ONAV,and FISAR). Tickets can be purchased on line http://www.gamberorosso.it/ or directly at Città del Gusto.

Napoli Città del Gusto

Via Coroglio, 57/104


Another hot ticket

Vineyard Hopping – Trecase (Na) – Cantina del Vesuvio

One week before the harvest.  A Sunday lunch with friends at Cantina del Vesuvio.  An excellent opportunity for a walk through the vineyards.

Vineyards that I didn’t notice as I parked my car in the gravel driveway. They’re hidden behind a tall hedge. A tall rectangular opening that serves as a doorway. I entered, and as I ‘crossed the threshold’ I was greeted by Piedirosso, Aglianico, Caprettone, and Greco di Torre.

Piedirossocroccante, as winemaker Antonio Pesce described it. A grape with a tough skin able to withstand the hot climate. The leaves had already turned their fall colors of red, orange, and brown. Stems were beginning to turn that light violet pigeon color…all typical of this grape. This grape that in the Vesuvius area is used to make Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC Rosso, Rosè, Riserva…

Aglianico…a small quantity…thinned skinned…almost cracking due to the heat…ready for the harvest. This grape prefers the hills of Irpinia, where it is cooler, but at Cantina del Vesuvio it does participate in their Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC Rosso and Aglianico to name a couple.

One week before the harvest the whites are ready as well. Two…

Caprettone-a member of the Coda del Volpe family…beautiful bunches, hanging on the vines…a gorgeous golden color …ripe…sweet … standing by … Alongside them in the vineyard were several vines of an ancestor of Greco di Tufo…Greco di Torre. Found only in this area. The bunches were s-shaped with tiny grapes. Once again, a beautiful golden color, rich sweet flavor. Ready, set, go … Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio DOC Bianco.

This was my first visit to a vineyard in the area. A vineyard with a view of Capri to one side and Vesuvius on the other . My first visit to a territory where a volcano caused destruction in the past, but has left behind a dark black soil that is productive, fertile, fruitful.

A vineyard where owner Maurizio Russo is the perfect host. Where you can learn about his father’s trails as he began the winery years and years ago. A vineyard that houses Cantina del Vesuvio, where you can drink wine, enjoy lunch and a Sunday afternoon with friends. Like I did.

A week before the harvest.

Cantina del Vesuvio

Via Tirone della Guardi, 12

8040 Trecase (Na)

081 536 9041

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sagra dei Funghi -Cusano Mutri (Bn) - 16 September - 3 October

The beautiful centro storico of Cusano Mutri is the setting of this fabulous funghi festival. Stands full of great food and great wine as well as prodotti tipici...
Not to miss!  For more info, go to the comune's web site http://www.comunecusanomutri.it/ or call 0824 862003.

Amazing Appetizers - Crema di Ricotta con Passata di Pomodoro Aromatizzato al Rosmarino by Chef Carmine Mazza

I had this appetizer last weekend at a lunch at Cantina del Vesuvio. What a surprise to see that my friend, Chef Carmine Mazza (Il Poeta Vesuviano) was the guest chef for the day. Paired with a Lacryma di Christi Bianco 2009, a view of the vineyards and Vesuvius, who could ask for anything more?
Except the recipe…

250 g ricotta "fruscella”  (fresh ricotta typical of the area)
parmeggiano cheese
white pepper
1 kg piennolo tomatoes
hot red pepper flakes

Mix the ricotta with a spatula, adding 1 tablespoon of parmeggiano, a pinch of white pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, salt and chopped basil.

Sauté a clove of garlic in a pan, add the tomatoes (cut into wedges), and the red pepper flakes. Cook for 5 minutes. Mix everything in a food processor along with fresh basil.

In a hot frying pan, toast the bread ( that has been cut into cubes) with a little olive oil and rosemary.

With the help of a pastry bag, put the ricotta mixture on the bottom of a small glass then pour the tomato sauce on top. Complete the dish with the toasted bread crumbs and a fresh basil leaf.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It’s All About the Territory – Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei

Sometimes I take for granted what is around me, right under my nose…. Like a glass of Falanghina from Campi Flegrei.

Villa di Livia, an ancient Roman villa in Pozzuoli was the perfect backdrop for a roundtable discussion on this white wine. Ais Napoli's Tommaso Luongo was the host along with Malazè's Rosario Mattera and representatives from 5 of the area's top wineries; Francesco Martusciello jr (Cantine Grotta del Sole), Vincenzo Di Meo (Azienda La Sibilla), Gerardo Vernazzaro (azienda Astroni), Francesca Adelaide Di Criscio (azienda Quartum) and Giuseppe Fortunato (Contrada Salandra).

So what is in a glass of Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei?…Territory. 120 hectares of territory devoted to this DOC. 120 hectares of sandy volcanic soil. Soil that is rich in potassium. A soil that has its challenges, but gives satisfaction as well.

Territory…territory that you will note in its light straw color, smell as you take in the herbs, then light fresh fruity aromas.

Territory that most of all you will taste. Fresh, dry, different from its sister in Sannio…The sea in your glass…mare.

Territory…once rediscovered, can be understood, appreciated and probably no longer taken for granted.

Territory that Malazè along with Ais Napoli was able to share with me and those around me last Monday.

Territory in a glass.

A glass of Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Benvenuta Vendemmia at Terre del Principe, September 19


Terre del Principe has put together an extraordinary day to celebrate the beginning of the harvest season.

The day begins at 1000 hrs at the winery with a toast and a presentation of Pallagrello and Casavecchia…two grapes that have been given a new life thanks to the hard work of Peppe Mancini, Manuela Piancastelli, and winemaker Professor Luigi Moio.

Then it is off to the vineyards to witness the harvest in action. At 1300 hrs, lunch is served (reservations required, maximum 40 people, 40 Euro). A menu based around their prized grapes and paired with their wines; Pallagrello bianco, Pallagrello nero and Casavecchia .

Then at 1700 hrs, an event that is not to miss…

A vertical wine tasting led by Professor Luigi Moio of two wines.

Pallagrello bianco Le Sèrole vintages 2009-2008-2007-2006

Casavecchia Centomoggia vintages 2008 (premiere), 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 e 2003.

This wine tasting is free but reservations are required. (Reservations for lunch do not guarantee a place at the wine tasting)

For more information, or to reserve a spot contact 0823.867126; 348.6400465; 335.5878791- info@terredelprincipe.com

Terre del Principe
Castel Campagnano (Ce)
SP 325 SS Giovanni E Paolo
Coord Sat.  Latitude 41.17174 - Long. 14.42651

Saturday, September 11, 2010

28th Sagra del Vino - Montemarano (Av) - September 17-18


An Irpinian town that I fell in love with when I stepped into Salvatore Molettieri's vineyard last June.  Great Aglianico, Taurasi, and on the 17th and 18th...the 28th Sagra del Vino.

For more info go to the site :  http://www.promontemarano.it/

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Il Cielo Azzurro--With a touch of Sangiovese

Aperitivo time, Aiello del Sabato (Av)…Il Cielo Azzurro

A small bar, simple furnishings…basic stuff. Nothing really out of the ordinary.

Except for …except maybe the Fiano ice cream made with Privilegio 1997 (a passito from Feudi di San Gregorio)

Except for …except maybe that the man who made and served me my ice cream was Antonio Del Franco (ex Ais Campania president)

Except for…except maybe a grape vine. A vine that started out on one side of the patio, and over the years has spread up and over the terrace…forming a pergola, a protective covering from the sun. One vine, planted about 20 years ago…A vine that kept me transfixed while I enjoyed my Fiano ice cream…relaxed…took it easy... put my feet up …

Antonio told me that the grape  belongs to the sangiovese family. .  Chosen from the nursery so long ago...planted without any particular plan…without any particular direction….

He told me Le cose involontario sono le cose più belleUnintentional things are the most beautiful.


Like a walk through a centro storico...

Like a quiet moment at aperitivo time…

Under a blue sky..with a touch of Sangiovese…

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fiano-A Campania White That Blooms Where its Planted

If Campania had a favorite Fiano region, I wonder what it would be. Fiano…a grape around since ancient Roman times. Fiana, Fiore Mendillo, Foiano, Latino, Latina Bianca, Latino Bianco, Minutola, Minutolo, Santa Sofia...so many names. Grown here in Salerno, Benevento, and Avellino. Fiano...the grape that has earned its own music festival and the wine at the center of a seminar during the Fiano Music Festival in Aiello del Sabato (Av).

I attended this seminar last Saturday. A stroll through Fiano territory hosted by Raffaele Del Franco who was accompanied by three very experienced guides. Three familiar faces on the stage…Ais Campania President Nicoletta Gargiulo, Ais Campania Vice president and Delegate from Cilento and Valle di Diano Maria Sarnataro, and the Delegate from Benevento Maria Grazia De Luca. Their job was to help us understand the characteristics of this wine and note how Fiano can bloom where it’s planted.

No peeking!! This was a blind wine tasting. The only thing that we needed to know was the region. Good. This way we can concentrate on the wine. Its color, consistency…Concentrate on the aromas, its intensity, complexity…Concentrate on the flavors, the longevity.
So we began to dissect the regions…exploring, discovering as a group the differences and similarities; comparing and contrasting. Six wines. Two wines from each region. Here we go…

We began in Cilento, in the Salerno province. Moved to Benevento to the ‘two sisters’; Sannio and Taburno (mountains in the area). Then it was over to Avellino, specifically Lapio.

Color…each wine basically had the same light yellow straw color, …typical of Fiano. But swirling the glass, holding it up to the light, watching the arches, the legs, the tears that formed. The wines chosen had differences noted in structure on this examination, even within the regions.

Nose to the glass. This is where I saw the greatest differences between regions. The offerings from Irpinia had aromas where fruit was the dominating force in respect to their neighbors at the tasting. One with exotic fruits such banana, papaya, and pineapple. We noted florals…particularly white flowers, herbal scents, and minerals throughout this excursion with Fiano.

One day I mentioned to a good friend how I didn’t ‘like’ a particular Fiano. He rephrased my statement…He said that that particular Fiano wasn’t the one for me. Good point.What I did note was that when it came time to taste the wines, the region did not matter much to me…I enjoyed each wine for what it had to share. Its acidity, sapidity, balance. Some smoother than others, yes. Some warmer than others, of course.

Before the seminar began, I thought that I would walk away with a favorite Fiano…that I would step away from the table with an area that I believed represented Campania the best…an area that I could share, talk about.

That didn’t happen.

I learned that evening that each wine had its strengths, its place, its purpose.

So, I may have walked into the seminar with a favorite region for Fiano, but I walked out with three. Salerno, Benevento, and Irpinia…

Maybe Campania feels the same…

III Edition of Vesuvinum - September 10-12 in Ottaviano (Na)

Palazzo Mediceo in Ottaviano will host three days of wine conferences and tastings.  For the complete program and directions, go to the site  http://www.stradadelvinovesuvio.com/

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cool Recipes for a Hot Summer-Spaghetti di Gragnano con Pomodorino di Piennolo by Carmine Mazza

Tomatoes are everywhere lately.  Here is a recipe by Carmine Mazza, Il Poeta Vesuviano that uses piennolo tomatoes.

Ingredients for 4
400 g spaghetti (Gragnano)
250 g piennolo tomatoes
1 garlic clove
olive oil (from Cilento)
fresh basil

Cook the pasta in salted water to the al dente point. In the meantime, chop a clove of garlic and sauté it in a pan with oil. Add the tomatoes that you have washed and cut into quarters. You don’t want to cook the tomatoes too much, just sauté a little.Drain the pasta and toss in the pan with the tomatoes. Add chopped basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Serve garnished with basil sauce* and a sprig of fresh basil.

*For the basil sauce: Blend the basil with extra virgin olive oil and salt until creamy smooth and compact.

Tufo Greco Festival in Tufo (Av) September 10-12

Back to the Avellino province for another wine weekend.  Three evenings of music, prodotti tipici, and of course...Greco!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Diary of a Sommelier Student—Nose to the Glass…the Olfactory Examination

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in many wine tastings. Formal, informal, at an enoteca, wine fair, dinner, or lunch. I’ve had the chance to try many wines and work on broadening my horizons as I make my way from aspiring sommelier to a full blown one. As I attend the wine tastings, my mind sometimes wanders. I often find myself looking around and watching those near me perform my favorite part of the three part wine tasting…the olfactory exam. The part that I fondly call Nose to the Glass.

I’ve had the good fortune of observing people that I have a grande respect for. I watch, I study, and sometimes even scrutinize as they bring their nose to the glass. They inhale, sometimes with their eyes closed…sometimes staring straight ahead…reflecting, contemplating, pondering.

I try to imagine what they may be thinking. Could it be the intensità…intensity? The levels of aromas. Is it lacking? Is it a wine whose scent is so delicate, so fragile that you can barely perceive it? Is it very intense? Very strong? Or somewhere in between?

Are they thinking about the complexity of the wine? The variety of aromas? Fresh fruits, ripe, mature? Florals? Spices? What?

Are their years of experience helping them to note the quality of the wine? That combination of intensity and complexity that can place a wine in the range between coarse (a wine with a poor bouquet) to excellent (a particular distinct bouquet).

What about the winemaker himself? What must be going through his mind as he brings his nose to the glass? The vintage? The winemaking process? How this bottle compares to the last?

Beautiful moments to silently watch. Charming, if not brief moments of this olfactory exam. I wonder if they realize that I’m watching. Trying to absorb, soak up, take in the whole experience. ..

Probably not…

and that’s what makes it beautiful…

Malazè Jr Edition...Cool Events for the Kids

Malazè has a full program geared towards our young ones. Here is the program:

Saturday September  4 and 11 and Sunday 5 and 12

Pozzuoli D'Averno Lake Giardino dell’Orco

© AGRIGIOCHIAMO: Gioc'Orto per Malazè Activities for Children

AgriGiochiAmo will take palce in the beautiful Giardino dell’Orco GiocORTO, and will introduce children to issues such as seasonality, and the use of fruits and vegetables their diet. A program presented in a playful way where they will 'learn' by ‘doing.’

The activities will take place on Saturday 4 and 11 and Sunday 5 and 12 in two shifts 1) 10.00 to 11.30 2)12.00 to 13.30 and will be led by experienced staff and AgriGiochiAmo © operators.

The cost is $ 4.00 per child includes all activities and a prize for each participant.
For info contact: info@agrigiochiamo.it  or http://www.agrigiochiamo.it/
Ph / fax 0817146915-3939824709

September 6 to 10

Maritime Museum Daytime Fishing Tourism for adults and children

1000 hrs Daytime Fishing-tourism day, adults and children

Two hours of net fishing with nets and old fashioned equipment in a nine meter wooden fishing boat.

Children will be accompanied by two guides who will explain the treasures of the sea and hear stories of the famous fishermen in Pozzuoli and the lives they led.

For info and reservations:

ph. O8119369375 Mob ph..320624291

Web:mailto:museodelmarepozzuoli@hotmail.it - http://www.museodelmarepozzuoli.it/

Sunday September 5
Pozzuoli - Monteruscello - 9:30
“Dolci Qualità” presents: "The House of Bees"

The appointment with Giuseppe and Alessandra is at the Monteruscello apiary, that, with the support of equipment and stories, will introduce children to the extraordinary life of bees and the delicious food they produce. A demonstration of honey extraction and a taste of different types of honey, propolis and pollen will follow.
The event is free  is free by reservation. Maximum 30 children.
The appointment is for 9:30 near the furniture factory ‘FIMA’, Via Monteruscello No. 22, Tangenziale exit
Monteruscello direction Quarto.
For info and reservations: Dolci Qualità - ph.0815265258 - 3392744372 –

Saturday September  11 at 18:30
Pozzuoli - Vulcano Solfatara -
Little guide explosion in the crater of Solfatara ...
CTG Sibilla Pozzuoli

This event concludes the camp of "CAMPI DI FUOCO ALLA SOLFATARA", where during the summer numerous children learned about the precious archaeological richness of Campi Flegrei.
The event will begin with a guided tour of the Solfatara at 18.30, where these children will be the guides!
For info and reservations: CTG Sibilla Pozzuoli. ph 3299391742 – 0818555032

For more info on these events. go to the link here