Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cool Recipes for a Hot Summer-Potato Salad La SIbilla Style

I’ve had potato salads before. It is a classic dish for the summer. Last week at a Slow Food Campi Flegrei event at La Sibilla (Bacoli) I had a potato salad that was, oh, sooo good. A simple salad, prepared with simple fresh ingredients. I asked RestitutaSomma (La Sibilla) what made this simple salad so special.

We’ve all made potato salad before…the ingredients are basic: potatoes, tomatoes, green bell peppers, anchovies, black olives, arugula salad, olive oil, and salt to taste. A couple of things she shared with me that gave this salad its kick. First, after you boil the potatoes, it is important that you peel them when they are hot. Don’t cool them down! In fact, she runs her fingers under cold water instead of the potatoes to help her with the process. Afterwards, she cuts them into cubes, seasons them with salt and olive oil and lets it cool. Then when the seasoned potatoes are cool, only then does she add the fresh produce. She mixes it up, and there you have it….Simple, straightforward, full of flavor. The perfect summer recipe.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Incontrasrsi in Cantina-Feudi di San Gregorio's Hot Summer Program

Forget the beach...Let’s meet in the cantina...

Feudi di San Gregorio and Marennà Restaurant have a series of events scheduled for the month of August that covers all angles.

Here is the program:

Tuesday August 10 1900 hrs Apericena in the garden with Marennà as well as a concert under the stars. 30 Euro

Wednesday August 11 1900 hrs Yoga in the rose garden at sunset (reservations necessary) 10 Euro

Thursday August 12 1730 hrs A walk through the vineyards designed especially for grandparents and  kids. Snack included. (Free but reservations are required)

Friday August 13 1130-1600-1800 hrs A walk through the winery featuring Fiano and a tasting of the following wines -Fiano di Avellino 2009, Pietracalda 2009, Privilegio 2007 as well as typical products. 10 Euro

1900 hrs Aperitifs and live music in the vineyards. 15 Euro

Saturday August 14 1130-1600-1800 hrs A walk through the winery featuring Greco and a tasting of the following wines –Greco di Tufo 2009, Cutizzi 2009, Dubl Greco as well as typical products. 10 Euro

Monday August 16 1130-1600-1800 hrs A walk through the winery featuring Aglianico and a tasting of the following wines –Ros’Aura 2009, Rubrato 2008, Dubl Rosato as well as typical products. 10 Euro

1900 hrs Yoga in the rose garden at sunset (reservations necessary) 10 Euro

Tuesday August 17 2000 hrs Dinner in the Taurasi vineyards. (reservations necessary) 30 Euro

Wednesday August 18 1800 hrs Cooking class in the garden with Chef Paolo Barrale. Includes a tasting of the dishes prepared and wine. 30 Euro (reservations necessary-maximum 20 students)

Thursday August 19 1800 hrs Cooking class in the garden with Chef Paolo Barrale. Includes a tasting of the dishes prepared and wine. 30 Euro (reservations necessary-maximum 20 students)

Friday August 20 2100 hrs Live music in the piazzetta –Rich Hutton and Soul Brothers-and finger foods prepared by Marennà. 20 Euro

Sunday August 22 1130-1600-1800 hrs A walk through the winery featuring Falanghina and a tasting of the following wines –Falanghina 2009, Serrocielo 2008, Dubl Falanghina as well as typical products. 10 Euro

Feudi di San Gregorio
Località Cerza Grossa
83050 Sorbo Serpico (AV)
0825 986683 or

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 12th Edition of Sagra del Mare -Monte di Procida -August 5-8

A hot August evening in the heart of Campi Flegrei.....

18 gazebos set up on the left side of the Aquamorta pier.

Occassion: Monte di Procida and the 12 th edition of Sagra del Mare.

This fantastic event, put on by the association Vivi L’Estate, will prepare, present and serve pepate di cozze, pizzette d'alghe, anguria, and frittura mista di pesce (peppered mussels, fried seaweed, watermelon, fried mixed seafood). But what you really don’t want to miss are the stands set up by some of the best local restaurants like L'Orizzonte, La Polena, Divinium, Villa Chiara, La Cucina di Gerry, Scalabrino, and Villa Rosalia. Besides the stands with specialties from the sea, you’ll find stands set up with  primi piatti, i dolci and the best wines from the Campi Flegrei area. And what sagra is complete without musical performances, folk dances (a true Festival Tammorre) and stands exhibiting local crafts.

For more info click on the link

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jazz in Laurino-August 8-13th

Jazz in Laurino in the heart of Cilento---August 8-13th

Cilento is a beautiful part of Campania. And for 6 days, Laurino will host an amazing series of jazz concerts, courses, jam sessions. Jazz in Laurino is an event dedicated to jazz music that takes place in Laurino, a typical village in the Parco Nazionale del Cilento Cilento.

The concerts will be held inside the ancient walls of Palazzo Ducale (VIII century) and in the cloister of the Monastery of St. Anthony (XVI century).

While flipping through the site, a particular event caught my eye...Wine an Music. Yes. Wine and Music—When wine meets jazz. When food meets jazz. In collaboration with Bruno De Conciliis of Viticoltori de Conciliis, Confusi ma felici, and Osteria la Piazzetta. 2 courses to introduce you to the world of wine tasting and wine making.

Check out the web site for more should be an amazing time...

Monday, July 26, 2010

17th Edition of Vinalia in Benevento-4-10 August 2010

Ah, summer in Campania...

One of my favorite things to do is hit the wine and food fairs. August 4-10, in Guardia Sanframondi (Benevento) there will be a big one. The 17th edition of Vinalia. This project combines the talents of the Comune di Guardia Sanframondi, Provincia di Benevento, Regione Campania, Camera di Commercio di Benevento, Ente Provinciale per il Turismo di Benevento, Associazione Italiana Sommelier Campania, Coldiretti, Laboratorio Teatrale Guardia Sanframondi, Accademia Italiana del Peperoncino, Pro Loco di Guardia Sanframondi, Misericordia di Guardia Sanframondi, ArciGuardiaand is part of the “Tra Cantine e Borghi d’Arte” project as well as Provincia di Benevento, l’Ente Provinciale per il Turismo ed i Comuni di Castelvenere, Guardia Sanframondi, Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Solopaca e Torrecuso. All designed to rediscover Campania’s winemaking traditions.

In addition to wine tastings,there will be  olive oil, cheeses, salumi, mushrooms and other gastronomic goodies available to the visitor. Something for everyone!

The program is being finalized, but for more information you can call the following numbers: 0824864129 0824817404, or Facebook profile - Vinalia.

Sandro Tacinelli

Press Office: 2010 Vinalia

3392073143 - email:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mercati al Borgo, Taurasi -August 1st-The Program

Here it is...Details on what to expect on Sunday, August 1st

10.00 am: Open market with local products

In the historic center/centro storico:

- Guided visits of the centro storico ,churches and museum of Taurasi

- Wine tastings

- Folk music in the streets of Taurasi

Regional Enoteca (Castello)

10.00 – Wine tastings

11.00 – Tasting Lab: Olio Ravece D.O.P

12.00 – The wine producers present a journey of the senses with wine (TAU) and guided wine tastings

16.30 – A chat in the Castle with The National Archeological Association

"A harvest of two thousand years ago"

Lecturers by Dr. Flavio Castaldo (archaeologist), Dr. Tsao Cevoli (archaeologist),and Dr. Antonio de Gruttola (winemaker)

Afterwards, a wine tasting by Cantina Giardino

18.30 – 2000 Wine tastings

In addition, Cantine Caggiano and Antica Hirpinia will be open for visits during the following hours 10.00-12.00 / / 15.00-18.00

For more info contact:

Franco Archidiacono 380 9019050 –Condotta Slow Food

Sandro Barletta 338 5234241 –Valle del Calore della Condotta Slow Food

Flavio Castaldo 333 6064386 –Mercati al Borgo

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Serata Slow Food-Campi Flegrei-La Sibilla

Slow Food...the formula is so simple, so basic. Fresh products-grown locally- in season. This is what was explained to me and the crowd of about 30 Slow Food lovers at La Sibilla in Bacoli the evening of July 22nd. For those of us who showed up early, a mini mercato was set up with products such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, capers. Fresh marmalades, jams, and homemade tomato sauce were also available for purchase.

Fresh, quality produce…simple, hearty recipes…

Fried eggplants with fresh tomatoes, Peperoncini verde with tomatoes, a beautiful potato salad with tomatoes, anchovies, black olives…I could go on. I enjoyed all of this with La Sibilla’s Falanghina and Piedirosa (rosé).

Stay tuned to this blog over the next week for recipes for these amazing summer side dishes…

For more info on Slow Food Campi Flegrei click on the link here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dinner Da Enzo Coccia-Pizzaria La Notizia

There has to be something special about a place where people will wait up to an hour outside on a hot Tuesday Naples evening for a pizza. I mean, in Naples, it is not hard to find a pizzeria…BUT if your intention is to have a pizza at one of the best places in town, you will join the crowd of pizza lovers and patiently wait your turn. The place? Pizzaria La Notizia with maestro pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia. Enzo is known throughout Italy and the world as one of the best.

Eating at La Notizia is almost as if you have been invited to Enzo’s home…his dining room…his kitchen. I got that impression instantly when he saw me from the window, waved, came out and greeted not only me, but the rest of his customers, his friends, who were waiting outside. A few minutes later, Alessio Rotondo, one of La Notizia’s waiters, came out with pizza slices for everyone. A snack while we waited…al bianco with salami and pepper…

Inside…we took our place in a small dining area with a perfect view of Enzo, his team, and the pizza oven. Reading the menu was like reading a guide to the best products in Campania…Enzo chooses his products carefully. There are three categories of pizza on the menu…1) Classic which includes your marinara, margherita (tomatoes and fior di latte), 4 seasons, 4 cheeses, etc…2) Traditional such as the Pizza Romana DOP (San Marzano tomatoes DOP, mozzarella di buffalo campana DOP, olio extra virgin DOP, grated pecorino cheese, anchovies, oregano, and capers and 3) Creative such as La Notizia (tomatoes, provola di buffalo and mushrooms)

We tried two pizzas; Margherita DOP (San Marzano tomatoes DOP, provola di buffalo DOP, olio extra vergine DOP) and Enzo (provola, tomatoes, buffalo ricotta, and rucola). Both delicious and both a testimony to what quality products can do in the hands of a maestro. From the fresh grated pecorino on top to the light tasty crust on the bottom this is what Naples pizza is all about.

As we ate, I watched Enzo work the room. Making the pizzas, delivering them…back to the oven, stopping to chat with everyone, setting tables, clearing tables…I wondered where he gets the energy! Enzo, fresh from a major pizza event in Benevento. Enzo, who will soon be going to New York to help inaugurate Donatella Arpaia’s new restaurant Donatella…The same man who runs a pizza consulting business, trains pizza makers from all over the world…I could go on…

Eating here, I soon felt like part of an extended family. The place seats 28 and we are quite close together so often I found myself admiring pizzas at nearby tables while enjoying mine. Almost time to go, but we had to try the saltimbocca with nutella...

On the inside of the menu, Enzo gives a message to his clients ‘Da sempre la pizza napolitana viene preperata semplicemente…con acqua, sale, farina di lievito (o’ criscito). Il segreto è un pizzico d’amore, nulla di meno nulla di più’. Translation: Neapolitan pizza has always been prepared simply...with water, salt, flour, and yeast. The secret is a pinch of love, nothing more, nothing less.

Well said, Enzo…

Pizzaria La Notizia

Via Caravaggio 53/55 Naples, Italy

081 714 2155

Open for dinner only Tuesday through Sunday. I strongly recommend calling for reservations.

11th Annual Wine Fair-Taurasi, August 13-15 2010

The dates are set!!! This is definitely 'Not to Miss'...More details soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Festa del G.A.S. flegreo , Thursday, July 22 at La Sibilla in Bacoli

This Thursday, Jully 22, at La Sibilla in Bacoli, there will be a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with producers and products from the Campi Flegrei area...all brought to you by Communità del Cibo Campi Flegrei (G.A.S. Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale)

Here is the program

1900 hrs –Market by the Community of food Campi Flegrei

2100 hrs– A showing of the film Terra Madre, Mother Earth

2130hrs – A chance to try the local products presented. (they ask a contribution for the tasting  of 5 Euro per person)

For more information go to

To reserve a spot, contact 3406001837 – 0818044295

Azienda Agricola "La Sibilla"

Via Ottaviano Augusto, 13

Bacoli, Italy

Mercati Al Borgo- Discovering Irpinia in the Heart of Taurasi's Centro Storico

 Another opportunity to visit one of my favorite towns-Taurasi. La CONDOTTA SLOW FOOD Irpinia Colline dell'Ufita and Taurasi ( together with the  Comune di Taurasi will present the visitor with an enormous opportunity to try the best in Irpinian food and wine. Walk through Irpinia’s diverse culture as you visit Taurasi’s centro storico and Regional Enoteca and discover what  good food, good wine, and good music are all about.

The following producers will be on hand; Antica Hirpinia, Antico Borgo, Antonio Caggiano, Boccella, Cantine Famiglietti, Cantine Giardino, Cantine Guastaferro, Cantine Manimurci , Cantine Russo Taurasi, Cardinale, Contrade di Taurasi – Cantine Lonardo, Elmi, Filadoro, GMG vinicola Taurasi, Guerriero Claudio, La Torella , Miervini, Molettieri Armando, Sella delle Spine, Tecce, Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, Terrecolte, Terre d’Angelo, , Guastaferro, Vadiaperti, Vigna Villae, Villa Diamante.

The first weekend is scheduled for 31 July and 1 August.  The day begins at 1000 ish and goes late into the evening.

For more information, contact

Franco Archidiacono 380 9019050 –Condotta Slow Food

Sandro Barletta 338 5234241 –Valle del Calore della Condotta Slow Food

Flavio Castaldo 333 6064386 –Mercati al Borgo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cibi da Spiaggia-Beach Food at Veritas Restaurant, July 21

Can you think of anything better than an evening at Veritas with an excellent menu of cibi da spiaggia? A complete menu of beach food that you can pair/mix and match with your favorite beer or wine? An evening where you can listen to beach music and solve wine and food crossword puzzles?

Veritas awaits you with the following set menu which cost 25 Euro:

Insalata Caprese in Coppa Martini. Caprese Salad in a Martini Glass

Polpette di Parmaggiana di Melenzane, Eggplant Parmagian Balls

Piccolo Panino Soffiato Mortadella e Ricotta, Mortadella and Ricotta sandwiches

Aspic di Insalata di Riiso, Rice Salad

Cubi di Cotolette e Patate, Potato and Cutlet Cubes

Bavarese di Pepperoncini Verde, Green pepper Bavarese.

Frittatine Collante di Spaghetti, Fried Spaghetti

Callipo all’anguria, Watermelon

Maxi Cono Vaniglia e Cioccolata, Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

Drinks (not included) can be chosen from a wide variety of wine or beer by the glass beginning at 3.50 Euro.

The event begins at 2030 ish

For more info or to reserve your spot, contact 081 660 585

Veritas Restaurant

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 141

Naples, Italy

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a peach!!-La Pesca Tabacchiera

One evening, I decided to take a drive out to Forino, Avellino to escape the Naples heat. I popped in for a visit with Raffaele Tornatore and his wife Flavia of Tenuta Montelaura. During a bit of conversation/chit chat, Flavia went to the kitchen and came back with a plate of peaches. But not any peach that I had seen before. A peach known as  Pesca Tabacchiera. Tabacchiera means ‘snuffbox’ and it is called this due to its form. This peach that looks like it has been sat on or thrown against the wall. One thing that I’ve learned in my 17 years here is that when you are offered something to eat, you better try it. ..I did... Wow!! Juicy, sweet, delicious. Probably the sweetest that I have ever tasted.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. It wasn’t the prettiest looking peach. One of the reasons that you won’t find it in your local supermarket. What a shame….

Photos by Raffaele Tornatore

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cool Recipes for a Hot Summer-Anchovy Parmigiana with Fior di Latte from Agerola

Another cool recipe from Lidia Merola and Tipeatalia

Anchovy Parmigiana with Fior di Latte from Agerola

Ingredients for 4 servings: 300 g of fresh anchovies, 500 g San Marzano DOP tomatoes, 1 eggplant, 250 g Fior di Latte from Agerola, grated parmagiana cheese, bread crumbs, fresh basil, onion, olive oil, salt

Preparation: Pour the tomatoes that have been blanched, peeled and cut in chunks into a pan, add sliced onion, some basil leaves and a little 'oil. Cook over low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally and seasoning with salt. Meanwhile, grill the eggplant slices and brush with a thin layer of oil.

Clean the sardines by removing the head and entrails. Drain the anchovy fillets, brush them with oil on both sides, dip in breadcrumbs and grill. In a pan, pour some of the tomato sauce that you previosly prepared, a layer of eggplant slices, anchovy fillets, the mozzarella, parmigiano cheese and basil. Start again, forming another layer pouring tomato and other ingredients,making sure to always complete the layer by covering with tomato sauce. Bake at 200 ° C (about 390° F) for about 10 minutes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vineyard Hopping-Falciano del Massico (Ce)-Gennaro Papa

8 minutes 42 seconds

That is about how long the drive is from Cantina Gennaro Papa in the heart of the town of Falciano Del Massico (Ce) to their vineyard 270 m above sea level up into Mount Massico. And in this 8 or so minutes, through the centro storico, up the mountain, you can learn almost everything you wanted to know about the area, the terrain, the history—if Antonio Papa is by your side.

Antonio Papa was my guide on my latest tour through the vineyards and our first stop was his youngest, most diverse vineyard on the side of Mount Massico. A vineyard that is divided into three zones—three terraces, carved out of the mountain by his father, Gennaro. Until about 7 years ago, this particular part of the mountain housed apricot trees. The Papa family decided to turn it into a vineyard. To do this, they had the enormous task of clearing away rocks and stones. Walking through the vineyard’s three levels you will instantly notice three different types of soil. This makes sense due to the fact that Mt Massico was formed from the Roccomonfino volcano. So rocky that they are unable to use tractors, they must use other tools to maintain the vineyards. On the upper terrace, the soil has a lighter color, higher level of sulfur…rockier. The further down you go, the soil becomes darker, more fertile with traces of tufo. The ancient Romans believed that this was the perfect spot to grow grapes---Ager Falernus---and so does Antonio…It’s a particular area, he explained to me…The beauty of its location … the gentle breezes from the mountainside. Here the aromas and fragrances of the wild plants that grow side by side the grapes-such as wild fennel give their contribution to the flavor of the primitivo grape that is grown here.

Continuing my stroll amongst the rows, I took a look at not only the vines-  1 and 7 years old, but the bunches of grapes as well. This time of year the grapes are just about to change color. Two particular things I learned about this primitivo grape are that 1) the grapes on one bunch are different sizes-large and small and 2) one bunch may have grapes that have already dried on the vine while others are waiting to change color. This gives the wine a caramelized flavor.

Time to move on---the next vineyard. 150-160 m above sea level. Campantuono is its name. In this vineyard, you will find primitivo, aglianico, and piedirosso. You will find newly planted vines here as well as ones that are 35 years old. Here the soil is not as rocky as up on Mt Massico. The soil has more clay content, here the soil is more fertile……And here, they are resting under the cool shade of a 150 year old sorbo fruit tree. This vineyard, because of its position gets less sun during the year, so the grapes mature later than up on Mt Massico.

Third stop-his last vineyard that makes up Papa’s 4 ½ hectares. This vineyard rests besides Antonio’s 200 year old olive trees. His oldest vineyard. Antonio’s family has the oldest vineyards in Falciano del Massico. They have been making wine since 1900. The vines here are 7, 10 and 85 years old. 120 m above sea level. The oldest vines originally were free standing, without a support system. In the mid 1900s, Antonio’s father switched them over to a cordon system. Here the vines are closer together, 40 cm between each plant. Walking through the vineyard, I observed as Antonio casually adjusted vines as we discussed just about everything. His respect for the territory, its history, and his desire to continue the work began by his great grandfather.

Off to the cantina. I’ve tasted Papa’s wines on previous meetings and have written about it (here and here). But on this particular visit, I tried wines straight from the stainless steel vats. Papa makes three wines (Campantuono –Falerno del Massico DOP, Conclave-soon to be known as Falerno DOP) and a passito (Fastignano). Three wines-punto e basta. We tasted a very young 2009 100% primitivo…the purple color indicated its young age as well as the young fruity aromas and taste. Next- a 2007 ready for the bottle to become his Campantuono…significant difference in color, spices added to the previous aromas due to its time spent in barrique, more elegant, raffinato. Then his 2008 just about ready to become Conclave---his base wine, drier than and not as sweet as the previous wines we tasted. It could be perfect for a summer meal; Antonio suggested an antipasto, fried fish…

Any visit to Antonio’s vineyard and cantina is not complete without a visit to his family’s cantina carved into the tufo rock under his home---7 meters down. You will not leave without an admiration for the hard work of generations before him. It would be hard to say goodbye without a new appreciation for Falerno del Massico, its history. Without noticing the hospitality of Antonio’s mother and father (and two young nephews who were visiting that day). It would be impossible not to go away without falling in love (yet again) with my Campania.

Azienda Agricola Gennaro Papa

Piazza Limata, 2

Falciano del Massico

0823 931267

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lunch con Alfonso Prisco-Living Food-San Giuseppe Vesuviano

This weekend, I had the desire for a no frills lunch. Something simple, something that I could throw together, something quick-yet slow. One of the things that I love about Italy and particularly Campania is that I can enter into a ‘salumeria’, look at the vast array of salami, cheeses, etc. Choose a few items for lunch, a piece of bread, a bottle of wine or beer, and then off to my house.

This Saturday, though, was a little different. This time, the ‘salumeria’ was Living Food. The owner, Alfonso Prisco. The location, San Giuseppe Vesuviano.

I walked in at 1410 ish. I was greeted  by Alfonso, his wife Feliciana, and his daughter Chiara. Handed a glass of Manabrea, then I took a little tour.

Pastas, cheeses, salami, oils, wine...all handpicked by Alfonso…all, that when you walk in, you are bombarded by an immense selection of the best products from throughout Italy.

Da Alfonso…at Alfonso’s Lliving Food,  there is something extra. You may choose to ‘take away’ or an option that I chose, to eat at the few tables that Alfonso and Feliciana have in the back. A small kitchen, ready to prepare pasta from Gragnano with tomatoes, or a selection of items from behind the counter.

Alfonso chose the simple life---the type of products that are easy to throw together…the dishes that Saturdays are made of.

Prosciutto di Parma, eggplant parmagiana, green peppers with tomatoes, mozzarella from Presenzano (very soft ..morbido), braesola di Toro, tomatoes with basil. Simplice...buono---

After lunch, a quick tour of Alfonso’s place. We talked about his love for food, wine, and beer.

How he searches for the best the wheel pasta from Benedetta Cavalierieri. Each one different, how it basically hugs whatever ever sauce you may pair it with…Rice-Aquerella, the rice that THE best chefs use for their famous risottos…

The wines…a pleasant surprise to see Irpinia proudly represented…Feudi di San Gregorio, Terradora, Mastroberardino, Villa Raino…Beers such as Super, and Manabrea. Alfonso, fellow sommelier student, enjoys offering his clientele his discoveries…

Cheeses such as Parmaggiano di Reggiano di Giorgio Carvero from Piemonte-a very intense aroma and flavor. Auricchio- born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Giovanni Auricchio)...Pecorino di Fossa, produced in Emilia Romania, aged in a big well---put in in July, taken out in November... great with honey...Provolone di Monaco DOP...:-)

Tomatoes from Vesuvius—pomodorino a Piennolo....

Mortadella...but a Mortadella that is very croccante-almost like a prosciutto cotto, this one is not as gummy, not as soft as the typical Mortadella you may find in your supermarkets…

Prosciutto di Parma---sweet, soft, just the right amount of ‘grasso’ to give it flavor…

Olive oil-Cilento, Tuscany, Avellino well represented…

Balsamic vinegar from Modena, the best for his customers...

What did I enjoy about my lunch da Alfonso?

The time spent with him, his wife, Feliciano and daughter Chiara…their genuine hospitality…Persone per bene…Real people….Campania...

Alfonso Living Food
Via Cabonari, 89San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Na) 80047
081 529-6666
Open Monday through Thursday: 0830-1500..1700-2100
Sunday : 0830-1330

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Te Le Do Io Le Bollicine-'Dancing' Wines with Ais Napoli and Roof & Sky, July 15

Ais Napoli and Roof & Sky will present an evening of fun, food, and sparkling wines...with a twist

Menu prepared by Michele Grande:
Pasta e fagiole con le cozze (pasta and beans with mussels)
Pesce bandiera fritto (impanato), batter fried fish
Polpette di pesce con crema di fagioli, fishballls with a creamy bean sauce
Zuppa di seppia e ceci, cuttlefish soup with chick peas

The cost of the evening is 25 euro (including sparkling wines)
The ship will sail at 2100 ish.

And here is the twist...In addition, bring a bottle of your favorite champagne, spumante, prosecco, ecc to share, enjoy, and discuss with friends as we sail around Lake Miseno---yes---BYOB.

Fore more information, or to reserve a spot contact Michele Grande 333.27.61.608 e-mail

Roof&Sky Asteco e Cielo

Pontile n.3 Lago di Miseno Bacoli

Bobby Mc Ferrin in San Leucio (CE)- July 13

Summertime means  Here is one that is definitely 'Not to Miss'.
The Nuova Opera Festival hosts Bobby Mc Ferrin, one of the most important artists of the international jazz and pop music scene.

Belvedere di San Leucio
San Leucio (CE)

The concert starts at 9 pm ish and the tickets cost: 15 euros
For more information visit the website at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The WIne Advocate and Terre del Principe

Congratulations to Manuela Piancastelli and Peppe Mancini  of Terre del PrincipeRobert Parker of The Wine Advocate recently gave rave reviews to one of the Campania region's favorite wineries. 

93 points for  VignaPiancastelli 2007, 92 Ambruco 2008; 91 Centomoggia 2008; 90 Le Sèrole 2009 e Castello delle Femmine 2008; 89 Fontanavigna 2009 e Roseto del Volturno 2009!!!!!

You can read more reviews about Terre del Principe's wines in the June 2010 edition of The Wine Advocate.

Cool Recipes for a Hot Summer-Smoothies and Centrifuge

Beat the heat with these drinks suggested by Lidia Merola from Tipeatalia.

Here are two different types of drinks that are often confused. Both are made by using fruits and vegetables. The difference is that smoothies have a higher nutritional value because they contain fiber that is found in fruits and vegetables. Centrifuged juices do not retain fibers, which remain in the centrifuge; only vitamins and minerals). Also, smoothies can be fortified with yogurt, milk, spices, honey, fruit juice.Juice that comes from the centrifuge quickly loses most of its oxidants, valuable for our metabolism.

Finally, the calories vary depending on the type of fruit and vegetables used.

Lidia prefers preparing these at home with seasonal fruits...

Pineapple Centrifuge

Ingredients for 4 people: 4 slices fresh pineapple, 1 / 2 liters of cold water, ice cubes.

Preparation: Peel the pineapple and centrifuge it well with the proper equipment. Add cold water. Stir, add ice cubes and pour in frosted glasses.

Yogurt and Apricot Smoothie

Ingredients for 4: 3 pots of yogurt, 1500 g of apricot, 4 teaspoons honey 1 dl cold milk.

Preparation: Pour the yogurt in a blender along with the washed and pitted apricots, and honey. Add cold milk and blend for a minute.

Watermelon Smoothie

Ingredients for 4 people: 4 slices of watermelon, 4 tablespoons sugar, 2 cups cold milk, 2 cups of crushed ice.

Preparation: Cut watermelon flesh into pieces, taking care to remove the seeds. Pour all ingredients into a blender and control everything for 1 minute.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Viva La France-Viva L'Italia at Città del Gusto Rome

On the anniversary of the National Day of France, Wednesday, July 14, Gambero Rosso Roma has organized a special event.

> Party on the Città del Gusto Terrace

19.00 - 24.00

The best French and Italian wines. During the evening Gambero Rosso will host the project Aperitif à la française, organized by Sopexa Italy, with co - financing from the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

> Seminars and tastings at the Teatro della Cucina

From early afternoon until evening four seminars will be held starring Italian and French wines, hosted by Marco Sabellico and Thierry Desseauve.

15:00 to 16:30 Bordeaux and Tuscany: International Stars

5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Burgundy and Piedmont: a question of "terroir"

19:00 to 20:30 Scent of South

21:00 to 22:30 Mon Amour Bubbles

> French cooking - Cooking amateur

hours 19:00 to 22:00

At the Gambero Rosso School, you can participate in a cooking class that will reveal the secrets of fine French cuisine.

. Città del Gusto Roma

Via E. Fermi, 161 - 00146 Rome

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lunch Con Antonio Pisaniello-La Locanda di Bu

Saturday, July 2nd. Scorching hot in Naples. 40° C. First big exodus of the summer with Neapolitans looking for a little relief on the beaches, at the sea. I , instead, set my sights on Irpinia, A16, direction Avellino…To a cool place, about 914 meters above sea level. To Nusco, Irpinia’s balcony, with an amazing view from the parking area, a stone’s throw from the centro storico. A quick stroll through the medieval streets…to Vicolo dello Sapgnuolo, 1…to La Locanda di Bu.

Reservations were for 1300 and it may have been 1301 when I introduced myself to Chef Antonio Pisaniello. Antonio, who spent the morning looking for mushrooms in the nearby mountainside. Antonio Pisaniello...the chef who I would have the pleasure of spending a few hours with on this Saturday afternoon.

Aperitivo…after sitting down, Antonio…or Tonino as his friends fondly call him, poured a glass of Rosato di Aglianico 2009 Vigne Irpine.  A wine from his Irpinia. A territory that he is proud of and a territory that would be demonstrated throughout the meal in the dishes he would present, in the tales that he would tell.

Jenny Auriemma, Antonio’s wife, professional sommelier, and partner in La Locanda di Bu soon joined us, fresh flowers in hand. Jenny-the perfect hostess-and the perfect ying to Antonio’s yang. We discussed the menu, made our choices, and were then presented with the wine list. Decision made-Greco di Tufo DOCG 2008, Pietracupa. Then off to the cantina next door to get our wine.

Back inside-the parade began. From the kitchen, an array of antipasto and breads: Stuffed red pepper.  Hamburger di Podolica with a mayonnaise sauce (flavored with lemon) and vegetables. Fried ricotta from Montella on a bed of pureed broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, and anchovies. Homemade bread sticks, chiacchiere, crackers, and zeppole. Bread with onions, olives, and pancetta. All fresh from the oven…all warm, soft, soffice.

The first course arrived with a glass of chilled Greco di Tufo. Spaghettoni di Gragnano in a sauce made with red peppers, caciocavallo cheese, agrumi, and Sarawak pepper. Tortelle with fave beans, pecorino cheese, and lard croccante.

The decision was made to skip the second course, off to dessert. Jenny served us a glass of Passito di Aglianico 2007  A Casa. Two desserts: Antonio’s version of the classic Sicilian cassata and a semifreddo al torrone.

One of the things that I enjoy about these visits is the ‘after hours’. The chance to sit down for a chat and unwind, una chiacchierata, over a glass of passito, a  caffè, biscotti. A whirlwind of topics…Antonio’s love for his Irpinia and his desire to make the local products known not only throughout the region, but the world as well. His thoughts on the States. His time in New York as a guest on Rocco Dispirito’s reality TV show ‘The Restaurant’. Thanksgiving. How he enjoys traveling through North America and how impressed he was at a dinner there where he was served a large t-bone steak that was so tender after being marinated for three days. We talked about why he will NEVER eat at McDonalds. Recycling. His recent collaboration at Caraino 7x nearby. His first restaurant, ‘Il Gastronomo’. Then back to the land, the territory, the recipes that he wants to bring back, the dishes that he enjoys revising. A little hard to keep up…but I really loved watching his enthusiasm…his expressions, his gestures. Jenny joined in as well. As I watched and listened, I not only saw a chef and a sommelier. I saw a young couple passionate about their life choice. A mother, father, husband, wife. I saw, once again, how my Campania can be hospitable, warm and friendly.


Locanda di Bu

Vicolo dello Sapgnuolo, 1

83051 Nusco (AV)

0827 64619

Closed for dinner on Sundays and on Monday.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Diary of a Sommelier Student -First Level End of Course Get Together at Roof and Sky

8 March, 2010-Hotel Ramada Naples. Back then, we were a group of about 60 strangers with one objective in mind…to increase our comprehension of wine. So for nearly 3 months, every Monday night from 8 pm ish to around 1030, the Hotel Ramada became a second home. Friendships grew alongside our knowledge.

June 15th, we took our exam…July 1st we celebrated our accomplishment at Roof and Sky in Bacoli. Michele Grande-owner and fellow sommelier student-prepared an excellent menu. Formula BYOB. Spumante, Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, Falanghina, and Chardonnay were some of the wines we shared over great food, magnificent conversation, and an excellent view from the middle of Lake Miseno. Our ‘leader’ Tommaso Luongo, pulled out his cigars and shared with all who wanted to end the night with a smoke, a smile, and a glass of grappa or vermouth.

A great way to say ‘see you at the next class'…

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Drink Pink at Città del Gusto Napoli, July 9

Gambero Rosso will host its annual Drink Pink night at Città del Gusto Napoli. Here you can try the best Italian rosè wines, enjoy their aromatic floral bouquet, and gaze at their beautiful hues and colors.

There will be finger foods prepared by Chefs Antonio Russo, Giovanni Pastore, and Roberto Pedretti, latticini from Agerola, and smoked salmon from the Baltic Sea.

Radio Capri will provide the music as you relax inside or outside on the seaside terrace.

The evening starts at 2000 ish and costs 18 Euro.

For more information, or to make a reservation:

081 19808900/902/910

Città del Gusto di Napoli
Via Coroglio, 57/104 - Napoli