Monday, February 28, 2011

Face to Face with Wine Maker Carmine Valentino

Carmine Valentino

I try to take advantages of opportunities like this. An enoteca, a Friday evening, a wine tasting. A couple of weeks ago was an excellent chance to appreciate Campania and its diversity in a glass when wine maker Carmine Valentino stopped by Stefano Pagliuca's Enoteca. That evening we were treated to a wine tasting journey, a sort of vineyard hopping in the comfort of Stefano's enoteca.

1st Stop:
Carmine took us to Vesuvius where we met Giuseppe Sorrentino of Azienda Vinicola Sorrentino. Vineyards with a front row view of the volcano, rich in potassium.  Vineyards that produce two of the wines that he brought that evening. One white; Natì IGT 2009, Coda del Volpe or Caprettone grape. An elegant white, with lovely fruit aromas.  An amazing acidity. Fresh, flavorful.  He brought an Aglianico; Don Paolo IGT 2008. A young aglianico, not as tannic as its cousins in Irpinia.  Sweet spice aroma, mature red fruits...with a beautiful color for a young aglianico. 

Next stop:
We moved on to the Amalfi region, Tramonti to be exact.  Here was Gaetano Bove of Tenuta San Francesco.  Gaetano was here to share his Per Eva 2009,  His elegant white made with a combination of white grapes from his region; Pepella, Falanghina, and Ginestra.  A glass of wine that was vibrant, brilliant in our glass.  A wine that proudly shared fragrances such as exotic fruits, florals...fresh, a lovely acidity.  He brought his red made with 100% Tintore grapes.  His E'ISS 2008.  Swirling our glasses we observed the legs s l o w l y  slide down the glass. A dark ruby color. An excellent sneak preview of a wine that will be officially presented at Vinitaly in April.

3rd stop:
Irpinia.  Castelfranci, where Mario Gregorio from Colli di Castelfranci, 600 mts above sea level spoke about his Fiano di Avellino 2009.  His white wine whose grapes have the luxury of waiting for a late harvest.  That extra time so that it can concentrate on its complex intense fragrances.  So that it could give us a color that was alive in the glass.  A red, a Taurasi DOCG 2006.  A glass of wine that gave a longevity that was pleasureable, elegant. 

Afterwards, a chance to chat about the wines over pizza, pasta, and more wine.  Over dessert...a choice of passito.

A chance to chat with  the producers.  With Carmine Valentino.  A wine maker has made a mark in Campania.  A wine maker who was voted Campania's Enologist of the Year 2010 at Gambero Rosso's Gala dei Vini Campane last fall.  An enologist who let the wines speak for the territory...speak for themselves.

I'm glad I was there to hear what they had to say.

Italian Version

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday Night With Feudi dei San Gregorio

I remember the first time I visited Feud de San Gregorio.  It was a few summers ago.  I remember the jaw dropping moment as I walked through the red elevator doors that lead  into an immaculate piazza  I have been back several times since then, and each time I go, however, I learn something new about one of Campania's largets wineries.  Last Friday evening,  I took a group of wine lovers to visit  Feudi dei San Gregorio in Sorbo Serpico (Av), less than an hour from Naples.  After a visit and tour with Chef Paolo Barrale of his Michelen Star Restaurant, we sat down with a glass of DUBL Aglianico Rosè, a sparkling wine.  Then down, down, down to the cantina.  300 stainless steel vats.  3,000 French oak barrels.   A glass of DUBL Falanghina sparkling wine, Rubrato Aglianico 2009, Privelegio 2008, a dessert wine made with a blend of Fiano di Avellino and Falanghina  and an amazing buffet prepared by Marennà were waiting for us as well.

I think I saw a few jaws drop...

P.S.  What did I learn this time?  That Rubrato comes from Latin...with a really loose translation, it means dark, red, strong .  And it went really well with Marennà's pasta and potatoes with truffles.

Feudi dei San Gregorio
Localita Cerza Grossa
Sorbo Serpico (Av)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fantastic Firsts: Paccheri di Gragnano con Sugo Di Astice e Pomodorini del Piennolo by Chef Giovanni Pastore

During a recent trip to Città del Gusto Napoli, I tried this dish prepared by chef Giovanni Pastore. He used Canadian lobsters alongside piennolo tomatoes to come up with a fantastic international first course. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people:
Paccheri di Gragnano (pasta) 400 gr.
Piennolo tomatoes with organic sauce 300 gr.
Canadian lobster nr. 2
Extra virgin olive oil
2 cloves of garlic
Red pepper
White wine (falanghina is reccomended) 1 glass
Salt to taste

First, brown the garlic in extra virgin olive oil along with the red pepper flakes.. Add the lobster which has beencut in half and cook well. Deglaze with white wine, add the tomatoes (diced), salt and cook for 10 minutes.
In the meantime, cook the pasta al dente in salted boiling water. Toss the paccheri in the lobster sauce..
Serve with half a lobster for each serving along with chopped parsley..


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parlano i Vignaioli-The Winegrowers Speak, March 20 and 21 in Bacoli (Na)

They said "No!"  to chemicals  in the vineyard and winery and "Yes!" to nature. In this way they are able to present to  fans and the public artisan wines produced from natural, organic and biodynamic farming, respecting the land and using environmentally friendly products. 

The second edition of
Parlano i Vignaioli (The Winegrowers Speak), a wine  show featuring southern organic wine producers  and artisans, returns. The event is on Sunday  and Monday, March  20-21, 2011 at Ostrichina and Casina Vanvitelliana on Lake Fusaro, in Bacoli (NA). 

It will be a full two day program, jam packed with  activities including wine tasting laboratories which will focus on  key issues in the world of natural wines.  An excellent opportunity to learn about  and appreciate the efforts of farmers who are  continuously searching  for solutions that provide that perfect balance between food and nature.

Sunday, March 20, from 10:00 to 20:00, there will be a tasting counters for targeted toward  both the connoisseur and the curious. 

The tasting will reopen Monday, March 21 from 11.00 to 18.00, involving an audience of specialists. Two days devoted to healthy food and wine. Admission € 10. 

On Monday we will also have a panel discussion centered on the relationship between food quality and natural wines. Many top class chefs and other experts have already signed up to take part.
  The final program with details of all events  will be announced in soon. 

“Parlano i Vignaioli " is an event organized by Cantina Giardino,  Pino Savoia and Giusy Romano. 

For more information:
Cantina Giardino Tel. 0825 87 30 84
Daniela De Gruttola Cell. 333 59 41 700
Pino Savoia Cell. 333 66 71 512
Giusy Romano Cell. 334 87 04 499

Press Office

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Irpinian Adventure-Villa Raiano and La Buona Novella Restaurant, March 19

Road trip. Back on the bus. This time to Villa Raiano. A beatufil winery loacated in the heart of Irpinia. Our wine bus will depart from outside the JFC (Bagnoli, Na) gate at 0930 on Saturday, March 19th. We will tour Villa Raiano and have a wine tasting of Irpinia classics; Aglianico, Greco di Tufo and Fiano. Then it is off to lunch at La Buona Novella where Chef Francesco Landi will be waiting for us with a menu that proudly represents the Irpinia area.

The cost of our Irpinian adventure is 57 Euro which includes transportation, winery tour and guided tasting (in English), and lunch.

Sign up (including payment) is due by March 14th. Space is limited.

For more information call 348 590 7349 or email me at

See you on the bus!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vineyard Hopping, Taurasi (Av), Cantine Lonardo

September. I hadn’t been in Taurasi since September. So I was more than happy to bump into my friends Sandro Lonardo, his daughter Antonella, and her husband Flavio Castaldo during a visit to their town-Taurasi during Anteprima 2007. Three sets of handshakes, three hugs, and three double-cheek kisses. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to catch up that evening. I was on a tight schedule and would be leaving for home the next morning.

             Why don't you swing by tomorrow morning?  Flavio asked.  There are a few foreign journalist coming and I may need help translating. 

Ok…tomorrow it is. I can’t turn down an opportunity for vineyard hopping.

Sunday morning-11 am ish. Cantine Lonardo. I’m here to share the morning with Antonella and Flavio, as well as wine critic from Sweden, another from Poland, and a writer from Japan. The steady January rain limited our visit to indoors, but no problem. We entered the winery, off a side road in Taurasi, off the beaten tracks. Flavio begins by pointing out how small the winery is. Small in size, but man, there is a lot going on here.

So we went straight to the stainless steel vats. Vats that were holding white wine that only Lonardo has been producing since 2003. A white wine named after a grape called grecomusc, roviello, or rovello bianco. This particular grape is grown only the Taurasi DOCG area and had almost totally disappeared from the wine making world if not for the efforts of Cantine Lonardo, Professor Giancarlo Moschetti of Unerversita degli studi in Palermo, Dr. Nicola Francesca, and Antonella Monaca from the Università di Napoli. Flavio shared the 2010 version. This grecomusc, with its intense straw yellow coloring was not unfamiliar to me. I know this wine, so I stepped back to observe how and if the foreign press would appreciate the complex aromas such as flowers, mint, hay, and a smoky flint. A smoky almost sulfur like aroma that is particular to this grape and can be quite intense depending on the vintage. It was engaging to try the different vintages that morning. A mini vertical wine tasting to see how climatic conditions as well as aging are important to a wine. So we sampled their 2009, 2008 and 2007. Each expressing themselves in their own particular way. Each giving an excellent acidity, each very intense, and persistent. Each very different from whites that these wine writers and critics had tried before.

Next, time for the reds. Lonardo uses one grape to produce their reds….aglianico. But when this grape enters this small cantina; it exits as an Aglianico DOC, a Taurasi DOCG, or a Taurasi DOCG Reserve. Glasses ready, a trip around the barrel room, we tried just about everything. It was hard not to get caught up in the spirit of tasting, discussing, and analyzing each glass given to me from the barrel that housed it. Vintages such as 2010, 2009, and 2008. Would these be Taurasis? Taurasi reserves? Too soon to tell, Flavio told us. 2006 was a year where they didn’t produce a Taurasi Reserve. The product that year did not meet their high standards.

Which wines were in the bottle? A Taurasi 2007, this sample just bottled for the previous weekend’s tasting. A young Taurasi with a big future ahead. A remarkable ruby coloring. Dark red fruity aromas and spices that open up and evolve in the glass. Dry, tannic, but not overpowering. We tried a glass of Taurasi Reserve 2003. Dark and passionate in its coloring. Mature fruit aromas such as cherries…dried flowers…caffè. This particular wine impressed the wine critic from Sweden. He described it as elegant, with a beautiful persistence. A fine example of Taurasi, a wine he had discovered this weekend. A wine that he was more than willing to write about back home.

What else was in this small cantina? Two aglianicos from two different vineyards. This is another effort that Lonardo is working on to focus on the importance of the territory. Coste and Case D’Alto. Two different expressions of a territory. And over in the corner? Fiano? Another experiment with Professor Moschetti…and Coda di Volpe? Professor Moschetti? Università di Palermo? Yes, Flavio smiled. But these weren’t ready for sharing.

I would have to come back to visit my friends at Cantine Lonardo. I would have to come back and walk the vineyards on a day that wasn’t cold and rainy. I would have to come back and see how their grecomusc 2010 was doing and maybe get a sneak preview of what else was going on in their small cantina…a look around at what we didn’t have time to see and to taste.

As I was about to head home, Sandro joined us in time to say goodbye…just in time for three sets of handshakes, three hugs, and three double-cheek kisses.

Cantine Lonardo
Via Municipio, 39
83030 Taurasi (Av)
081 5442457

Italian Version

Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Evening with Anima at Veritas Restaurant, February 23

When Veritas, fan and supporter of indigenous grapes, heard about an association by the evocative name of "Anima" (Associazione Nazionale Italiana Metodo classico Autoctono ) which brings together some thirty sparkling wine producers, they couldn’t wait for the opportunity to organize an event. An evening with sparkling wines completely different from the norm, from the four corners of the boot was an opportunity too good to pass up. Francesco Martusciello of Grotte del Sole, along with his Asprinio D’Aversa metedo classico will lead the sparking tour. A total of five sparkling wines paired with a brand new menu created for the occasion by chef  Gianluca D'Agostino.

The menu:
O’musso e l’ostriche”, salsa di cipolla,
foglie di shiso

Mantecato di baccalà, puntarelle
con vinaigrette all’acciughe

Mezzi paccheri con pomodorini
del piennolo, totanetti e pesce di scoglio

Merluzzo dorato con maionese
alle olive nere

Semifreddo al torrone,
salsa al cioccolato fondente

The wines
Nerello Mascalese Rosè Brut Murgo
Priè Blanc 2007 Brut Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle
Erbaluce Cuveè tradizione 2005 Brut Az. Ag. Orsolani
Verdicchio 2004 Brut Colonnara
Asprinio d’Aversa Extra Brut Grotta del Sole
Caprettone Lacryma Christi Grotta del Sole

The cost of the evening is 40 euro

Veritas Restaurant
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 141
Naples, Italy

For more information or to reserve, cal 081 660585

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pizza Making with Gino Sorbillo and Giovanna Voria at Mise en Place, February 21

Mise en Place Cooking School invites us to learn how to make THE best pizza with Gino Sorbillo,  Pizzeria Sorbillo 

Gino will teach the basics of his pasta dough ..... invaluable to the success of his pizza that is driving the world crazy.
H will reveal the secrets  toppings of his Pizzeria Sorbillo including fried pizza and pizza fritta montanara!
Special guest .... Giovanna Voria will teach us how pizza is made in her region, Cilento, as well as other specialties.

The course is divided into a theoretical and practical lesson lasting  about 4 hours.
The class schedule is from 18:00 to 22:00.
Each participant will receive a Mise En Place kit, complete with apron, recipes, and other surprises
Class participants will be accompanied by a sommelier on a  path that will lead them to discover the wonderful world of wine to accompany our pizza
The course fee is € 75.00.
If you'd like to participate in the tasting only at 20:30 it costs 25 Euro

The courses can be attended by people speaking Inglese thanks to mother-tongue interpreters -

Sponsors of the evening:  Donne del Vino, Grotta del Sole and Molino Quaglia 

Photography: Luciano Furia of Mise en Place & Luigi Savino official photographer Neapolitan Pizza Association
Sommelier: Marina Alaimo Staff: Armando PalmieriDirector & Coordinator: Romina Sodano

For more information or to sign up, contact 081198 06236 or , 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Face to face with winemaker Carmine Valentino: Irpinia, the Amalfi Coast, and Vesuvius

Carmine Valentino is one of those winemakers who does not like to be in the spotlight ... He prefers to let his wines express his philosophy. Friday, February 18th at  Stefano Pagliuca’s Enopanetteria ,there will be an interesting opportunity for discussion and sharing of experiences with wineries from Irpinia, the Amalfi coast and Vesuvius . On hand will be wine producers Luciano Gregorio, Colli di Castelfranci; Gaetano Bove, Tenuta San Francesco and Giuseppe Sorrentino, Sorrentino.

The following wines will be part of the degustazione presented by AIS Napoli : Cantine Colli di Castelfranci Fiano Paladino Vendemmia Tardiva 2009 and Taurasi Docg 2006 Gagliardo; Tenuta San Francesco, Per Eva 2009 and E’Iss 2008, Az. Vinicola Sorrentino, Natì 2008 and Don Paolo 2008

After the tasting, stick around for Stefano’s famous buffet and for the traditional buffet of pizza and migliaccio along with : Piedirosso Vivace (premiere) and Fiori di Ginestre from Sorrentino; Tramonti Rosso from Tenuta San Francesco; Greco Grotte and Sinfonia from Colli di Castelfranci.

Friday, February 18 at 20:00
Tickets are Euro 20
Info and reservations: 081.7117410

Enopanetteria I Sapori della Tradizione
Corso Europa 125 Melito di Napoli (Na)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quod Libet-Where Cocktails Meet Cuisine

The idea is not a new one...pairing a different cocktail with each course of a 5 course dinner.  But it sure was an enteraining/informative evening at Quod Libet in Nocera Inferiore (Sa), about an hour's drive from Naples.  Bartender Francesco Cibelli – and Chef Raffaele Pappalardo combined low-alcohol cocktails with dishes featuring local ingredients. Here is a look at my evening in their culinary laboratory.

Quod Libet
Via Vescovado, 27/29
84014 Nocera Inferiore (Sa)
Phone: 081 0130822 - 334 7378580
Closed: Monday

Italian Version

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vino Amore e Musica with Tenuta Matilde Zasso and Associazione Marvin di Giugliano, February 13

 A pre-Valenetine's Day dinner in the heart of Pozzuoli. Join Associazione Marvin di Giugliano and Tenuta Matilde Zasso winery at I Sapori del Golfo.

Here is the menu

Wine: Falanghina

Zatterine di sfoglia - Tocchetti al limone - Tarallini

Tris di Antipasti
Mozzarella di bufala
Cestino di parmigiano con speck e fagiolini
Involtino di salmone

Wine: Piedirosso

First Course:
Lasagna di mare

Second Course
Uccelletti (involtini di carne) con funghi e crema di patate

Wine: Passito

Coppa alle mandorle.

Child’s Menu

Mozzarella e prosciutto

First Course
Pennette al pomodoro

Second Course
Cotoletta di pollo con patatine fritte


Torta al cioccolato
Water and Coca Cola.

The cost of the evening is 30 Euro. The fun starts at 2000 hrs ish.  For more information, or to reserve a spot, contact 3336356545 or

I Sapore del Golfo
Via Solfatara 157

Monday, February 7, 2011

4th Annual Soffritto Challenge, Ariano Irpinio (Av), March 5th and 6th

A scene from last year's event

Slow Food Irpinia Colline dell’Ufita and Taurasi and Slow Food Foggia and Monti Dauni will host the 4th Annual Disfida del Soffritto…the Soffritto Challenge and the 5th Annual Sapore del Maile, Festa e Rite.

A weekend geared around traditions, rites and rituals of the beautiful community of Ariano Irpino – in Valle Ufita…a land based around farmland and farmers whose, in the past, main source of livelihood was pork. A chance to step back in time, celebrate ancient traditions, enjoy local products, food and wine. I attended this event last year and had a blast!

The highlight of the weekend will be on Sunday, March 6th when 17 communities will battle to see who makes the best soffritto, a pork based dish. Opportunities are also available to tour the area as well.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday, March 5

1730 hrs Ceramic Museum “Centro Storico of Ariano Irpino”

“Pork culture and the farmer’s diet”,

Introduction: Raffaele Coppola, Assessore all’Agricoltura della Provincia di Avellino, Antonio Mainiero, Mayor of Ariano Irpino

Panelists: Salvatore Salvatore, journalist and farming tradition scholar of the Valle dell’Ufita,Guido Pensato, journalist and wine and food historian, Franco Arminio,Federico Ceschin, marketing and territorial development expert,Michele Poligneri, Slow Food Puglia, Nicola Sorbo, Terra Madre Slow Food Campania, Donato Matassino, President Consdabi

Closing Remarks
Slow Food Italia

moderator Monica De Benedetto

2100 hrs
 Dinner “ The Flavors of the maiale nero casertano” at Trattoria Di Pietro
Melito Irpino. Reservations are necessary Tel. 0825.472010 – 333.9656781
€ 25 for Slow Food members - € 30 for non members.

Sunday March 6

0900 hrs
Registration for participants in the challenge

1000 hrs
A country breakfast offered by the contestants of the challenge.

1130 hrs
Presentation of the contestants for the “a lu callar” challenge.

1300 hrs
4° DISFIDA DEL SOFFRITTO DI MAIALE…The tasting and judging begins!!
Winners based on popular vote as well as by a jury of experts.

Throughout the day you can visit stands full of food, wine and local products from the region. Immerse yourself into the folkloric dancing, singing, music, storytelling and classic neapolitan card games - briscola, tre sette and scopa.

1100-1600 hrsFor those interested, guided tours to the ceramic museum, città dell’olio and the town center as well as the cathedral, and Norman Civilization Museum are available. You can reserve by calling 347.8948172.

Participating Communities are

 Ariano Irpino

 Ascoli Satriano

 Paternopoli

 Candela

 Grottaminarda

 Orsara di Puglia

 Flumeri

 Faeto

 Taurasi

 Pietra Montecorvino

 Teora

 Roseto Val Fortore

 Montecalvo Irpino

 Celenza Val Fortore

 Carife

 Guest contestants:

Condotta Slow Food Pistoia

Condotta Slow Food Tammaro Fortore

For more information on shuttle services from AVellino or where to sleep while in the area,  visit the web site  or

See you there!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday Night with Feudi dei San Gregorio, February 25

Our next Friday night tasting is a road trip to the winery Feudi dei San Gregorio. We will leave on our Wine Bus from JFC in Bagnoli (Na)  at 1700 and head off to Irpinia. After a tour of their spectacular winery, we will be treated to a guided wine tasting and buffet dinner prepared by their Michelen star restaurant, Marennà. We will head back home at about 2230 ish.

The price for this trip is 57 Euro which includes transportation, winery tour and tasting in English as will as an awesome buffet.
Sign up (including payment) is due NLT 21 February.
For more information, email or call 348 590 7349 after 1530 hrs.

See you on the bus!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Amazing Appetizers-Saltimbocca Croccante con Insalata Mediterranea, Sgombro Marinato e Ricotta Infornata by Chef Gianluca D'Agostino

This was one of the many dishes that I enjoyed last week prepared by Chef Gianluca D’Agostino of Veritas Restaurant in Naples. Saltimbocca with a crunchy Mediterranean salad ,marinated mackerel and baked ricotta cheese. Of course I wanted the it is

Ingredients for 4 servings
2 mackerel , 250 gr.,salt 250gr., brown sugar 250 gr.,80 g parsley stems, thyme 50 gr., 1pear, pink pepper 40 grains , curly endive lettuce, 12 12 cucunci (fruit of the caper), baked ricotta cheese 60 gr., 1 red onion, 6 confit piennolo tomatoes piennolo (divided into two layers),
1 saltimbocca, oregano, extra virgin olive

For the mackerel marinade:
Clean, fillet, bone and marinate the mackerel by covering them with salt, sugar , pink pepper, pear( peeled and diced) stalks of parsley and thyme. After an hour and a half, rinse the mackeral quickly under running water and dry with paper towels.

Open the saltimbocca and cut 12 diamonds of approximately 3 cm per side, drizzle with them with oil and bake for 3 min. at 210º C. Place three pieces of saltimbocca on a dish, and top them with the "Mediterranean salad" made from finely chopped red onion, the white part of the endive, confit Piennolo tomatoes, oregano and cucunci. Put a slice of the marinated mackeral on every piece of a saltimbocca. Finish by adding grated baked ricotta over the entire dish.

Italian Version

Veritas Restaurant 
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 141 
80121 Napoli 
081 66 05 85 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

DRINK FOR AD HOC Piatto d'Autore at Quod Libet , Nocera Inferiore (Sa), February 10

Creative cocktails and signature dishes will be the players Thursday, February 10 at 2000 hrs at Quod Libet inf Nocera Inferiore (Sa). 

Cibelli – Pappalardo combine low-alcohol cocktail dishes featuring local ingredients, and bring a breath of novelty in food and wine from Campania. Young, but already with considerable experience, the two souls of Quod Libet are Frank Cibelli, owner and professional bartender, who has worked in some of the most prestigious bars in Europe, including the  Library Bar of The Lanesborough Hotels in London, winning major awards.  Raffaele Pappalardo,  chef, who grew up professionally in the kitchens of several restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, then honed his experience in France with Guy Savoy in Paris and Hotel Lutetia.

At Quod Libet, Francesco and Raffaele blend their experience giving birth to what they proudly call a"culinary laboratory", a meeting point between tradition and innovation. The restaurant, located a short walk from Vescovados, is easily accessible for those coming from the A3 Napoli - Salerno. 
Agro, sea and mozzarella 
Paired with 
"Frozen Caprese" 
Raw and cooked squid with chicory and anchovy mayonnaise 
Paired with 
Spaghetti "Yesterday and Today" 
Paired with 
Wine: Donnaluna Fiano 2009 - Viticoltori De Conciliis 
Golden-crusted red mullet on a wild mushroom tartare 
Paired with 
"La Lupolatta"
Wine: Donnaluna Fiano 2009 - Viticoltori De Conciliis 
Fantasia del arancie (oranges) del monte albino  
Drink in conjunction 
"Il mon cheri" 
Cost per person: € 20.00 
Info and reservations (reservations required, limited seating): 
Quod Libet 
Via Vescovado, 27/29 
84014 Nocera Inferiore (Sa) 
Phone: 081 0130822 - 334 7378580 
Closed: Monday 
Press Office: 
Laura Gambacorta 
349 2886327 
Valerie Grasso 
Email: valeria.grasso 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Touch the Territory with Cantine Astroni

The latest Friday Night Wine Tasting brought us to another great winery in Campi Flegrei...Cantine Astroni.  Here we got to touch the territory with a vineyard tour and discussion of Falanghina and Piedirosso led by Giuseppe Pugliese.  Then it was into the cantina for an explanation of the wine making process up close and personal. Then, the moment that we all were waiting for...the guided wine tasting.  Falanghina presented in three spectacular versions;  Astro, (their spumante), Falanghina 2009, and Strione 2007 (aged in barriques).  Then it was time for the reds... Piedirosso 2009 and Rais 2008 (60% Aglianico, 40% Piedirosso).

What an experience...see you next time...

Cantine Astroni 
Via Sartania, 48
Naples Italy
39 081 588 4182