Thursday, February 3, 2011

DRINK FOR AD HOC Piatto d'Autore at Quod Libet , Nocera Inferiore (Sa), February 10

Creative cocktails and signature dishes will be the players Thursday, February 10 at 2000 hrs at Quod Libet inf Nocera Inferiore (Sa). 

Cibelli – Pappalardo combine low-alcohol cocktail dishes featuring local ingredients, and bring a breath of novelty in food and wine from Campania. Young, but already with considerable experience, the two souls of Quod Libet are Frank Cibelli, owner and professional bartender, who has worked in some of the most prestigious bars in Europe, including the  Library Bar of The Lanesborough Hotels in London, winning major awards.  Raffaele Pappalardo,  chef, who grew up professionally in the kitchens of several restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, then honed his experience in France with Guy Savoy in Paris and Hotel Lutetia.

At Quod Libet, Francesco and Raffaele blend their experience giving birth to what they proudly call a"culinary laboratory", a meeting point between tradition and innovation. The restaurant, located a short walk from Vescovados, is easily accessible for those coming from the A3 Napoli - Salerno. 
Agro, sea and mozzarella 
Paired with 
"Frozen Caprese" 
Raw and cooked squid with chicory and anchovy mayonnaise 
Paired with 
Spaghetti "Yesterday and Today" 
Paired with 
Wine: Donnaluna Fiano 2009 - Viticoltori De Conciliis 
Golden-crusted red mullet on a wild mushroom tartare 
Paired with 
"La Lupolatta"
Wine: Donnaluna Fiano 2009 - Viticoltori De Conciliis 
Fantasia del arancie (oranges) del monte albino  
Drink in conjunction 
"Il mon cheri" 
Cost per person: € 20.00 
Info and reservations (reservations required, limited seating): 
Quod Libet 
Via Vescovado, 27/29 
84014 Nocera Inferiore (Sa) 
Phone: 081 0130822 - 334 7378580 
Closed: Monday 
Press Office: 
Laura Gambacorta 
349 2886327 
Valerie Grasso 
Email: valeria.grasso 

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