Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Touch the Territory with Cantine Astroni

The latest Friday Night Wine Tasting brought us to another great winery in Campi Flegrei...Cantine Astroni.  Here we got to touch the territory with a vineyard tour and discussion of Falanghina and Piedirosso led by Giuseppe Pugliese.  Then it was into the cantina for an explanation of the wine making process up close and personal. Then, the moment that we all were waiting for...the guided wine tasting.  Falanghina presented in three spectacular versions;  Astro, (their spumante), Falanghina 2009, and Strione 2007 (aged in barriques).  Then it was time for the reds... Piedirosso 2009 and Rais 2008 (60% Aglianico, 40% Piedirosso).

What an experience...see you next time...

Cantine Astroni 
Via Sartania, 48
Naples Italy
39 081 588 4182

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