Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Eve Dinner with...Chef Vito Bardaro

Chef Vito Bardaro

Not too early to start thinking about a New Year’s Eve dinner menu. This time I asked Chef Vito Bardaro of Mise En Place for suggestions…

He suggested that as an apperitivo I start off with a raw seafood salad with shrimp and prawns, zeppoline, and salmon tartine. Then I should move on to lobster in a sweet and sour sauce as an appetizer.

seafood salad

First course? Spaghetti with clams and piennolo tomatoes of course…The holiday season would be empty without them.
spaghetti with clams and fresh tomatoes

For my second course, I could have baked sea bass, eel and fried cod. I should side it with insalata di rinforzo and broccoli.

fried eel

Time for dessert. Stick with tradition…struffoli, rococo, and panettone!


Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year's Eve at Ristorante Morabianca (Av)...December 31st

Ristorante Morabianca in Mastroberadino’s Radici Resort invites you to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in style. The menu is as follows:


Crocchetta di gambero e crauti (shrimp and sauerkraut crocchettes)

Morabianca Falanghina Irpinia DOC '09

I due crudi

...Scampi in salsa rossa e ostrica su insalata di avocado e mango con tuorlo liquid (Prawns and cocktail sauce with oysters on an avocado and mango salad)

Radici Fiano di Avellino DOCG '09


Sfoglie di baccalà nella bietola in ristretto di porro e latte (Cod with beets in a leek and milk sauce)

Novaserra Greek di Tufo DOCG '09


Tubetti in zuppa di patate cremose e frutti di mare (pasta in a creamy seafood and potato soup)

Paccheri all’astice e pomodoro piennilo con spuma verde al prezzemolo (paccheri pasta with lobster and piennilo tomatoes)

Novaserra Greek di Tufo '09

Main courses

Filetto di spada al forno e pistacchio croccante (Baked fillet of swordfish and crispy pistachios)

Calamaro fritto sulla purea di ceci e polvere di arancio (fried squid on a chickpea puree and powdered oranges)

More Maiorum Fiano di Avellino DOCG '08

and as usual ...

Lenticchie e piedino (Lentils and pig feet)

Radici Taurasi '06


Cuore di cioccolato caldo con gelato alla vaniglia (Chocolate cake with hot chocolate fiiling with vanilla ice cream)

Meliza Irpinia DOC Fiano Passito

Toast in the new year with  pandora and spumante, and muscic until dawn.

The evening begins at 1930 ish
Dinner and party entrance € 120.00 per person

Children's menu € 50.00

Party Entrance (without dinner) party € 50.00

Special Overnight Package € 230.00 per person

Info and reservations /

+39 0825 431537 +39 0825 431537 / +39 0825 431293

Ristorante Morabianca

C.da Corpo di Cristo - S.S. 90 delle Puglie, Km IV

Mirabella Eclano, Italy

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different...Christmas With Armando Palmieri

Armando Palmieri

Armando Palmieri, from Misen En Place, suggested a few Christmas menu items on his site that I am more than happy to pass along.  In addition to the usual Neapolitan menu items, he has added a few alternatives. 

One option is a salad with chickpeas, fried salmon, cut into small pieces, rucola and balsamic vinegar.


Another idea is making a salad using granchio a roundelle (or surimi), chopped celery, and shrimp tossed in a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper.

Or a simple dish made with anchovies, also includes those who are fresh on the market already marinated in oil and vinegar and cut inhalf.  Put each strip on a lettuce leaf or, if you wish, layering them with diced tomatoes

Or shrimp with an avocado dip.  A dip made with avocado, shrimp, mayonaise, lemon, olive oil, and parsley.

For the first course, rissoto with artichokes and shrimp.

For the second course, black sea bass cooked al cartoccio in the oven with vegetables.

For dessert, an amazing dessert layered with custard, cake, and fruit...Trifle.

For the recipes on all these dishes, take a look at Armando Palmieri's web site.

Buon Natale!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with...Chef Francesco Rizzuti...Antica Osteria Marconi in Potenza (Basilicata)

This year for Christmas (weather permitting) I’ll be sitting down to a traditional Christmas dinner in Lorton, Virginia with my family. You know, turkey, stuffing, candied yams…

Chef Francesco Rizzuti
I couldn’t help but think, however, if I was in Italy, what choices I would have for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I decided to ask a few chefs. One chef was CHIC chef Francesco Rizzuti, Antica Osteria Marconi in Potenza. He shared with me a menu that was rich in fish.

On Christmas Eve he suggested spaghetti with clams, oysters, and lobsters. His Cucina lucana is not complete without baccala…cod. Batter fried cod. Appetizers would include baccala with scarpedde di pasta which are fried together with anchovies or peppers. Cod can also be served a ciuadedda; onions, tomatoes, olive di ferrandina…all stewed together. The sauce can be used for a rich plate of spaghetti saving the cod for the second course. Cod that has been joined by crunchy peppers and pepperoni cruschi. Side dishes? Vegetables? How about fried cauliflower or fried artichokes? How about a vegetable minestrone?

Christmas Day?

Well….the chef recommends chicken…home range, please. Chicken with an egg and sausage stuffing that produces a sauce so rich that it is perfect for homemade pasta; s trascinati , orecchiette or cavatelli. His tradition also calls for pasta al forno…baked pasta…a baked lasagna.

After enjoying your pasta and chicken, oven roasted lamb is next on the menu. A lamb that has been roasted with potatoes arraganante style. That means they have been seasoned with bread crumbs, Pecorino di Moliterno, garlic and parsley.

Dessert? Casatedde: sheets of dough fried and served with honey or cooked must.

Ok...I may miss this year, but I believe I will be spending next Christmas with Francesco...

Antica Osteria Marconi
Viale Marconi, 233,
85100 Potenza, Italia. Tel.: +39.0971.56900.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gaetano Bove's Tramonti

Gaetano Bove
November 2009...the 3rd of November to be exact. I remember that particular day because it was one of my first outings as a ‘blogger’. It was Tintore Day, hosted by Cantine Astroni. Hosted by Campi Flegrei, but starring Tramonti’s wineries. And seated behind a long cherry wood table was Gaetano Bove from Tenuta San Francesco . Since then I have seen Gaetano (and his family) on numerous occasions. I have heard him speak about his Tramonti, high on the Amalfi Coast. I know the stories well, but never grow tired hearing about his territory or his wines. The latest opportunity came just a couple of weeks ago at a wine tasting in Sorrento.

A sunny day in Sorrento…a crisp December day. It had been a busy one for Gaetano. He had spent the day showing buyers from China around…didn’t have time to stop by the house like he wanted…didn’t have time to pick up a dvd with photos of his Tramonti. So he had to describe it with his words…from his heart.

Our first glass was poured…a white. Per Eva. A white wine from Gaetano’s vineyard Vigna di Prete. It is a cru…a blend. A blend of Falanghina, biancolella, and Ginestra. We tasted the 2008 vintage. We tasted, Gaetano spoke. Spoke of a wine that he produces which shows his affection for not only his wife, Eva, but for all the women in his life. Then…from his heart, he dedicated this wine to all women who are the backbone of the family. As I tasted this wine, I thought about a lunch that I attended in Gaetano’s winery last March. (here) The party atmosphere. It was here where I was introduced to his family, his Per Eva. This wine with brilliant straw yellow color. This glass when swirled lightly produced tight arches on the inside of the glass…shared fantastic light fruity aromas. Smooth, fresh, pleasant acidity, well balanced.

Our next glass was 4 Spine Riserva 2006… So here we have a red…a blend of Aglianico, Piedirosso, and Tintore…A red that expresses Tramonti in its own way. A red that produced challenges for this young winery.  A red that they, along with enologist Carmine Valentino have worked with to get they wine that they want.  Once again, my mind went back to Gaetano’s winery, where 4 Spine paired perfectly with our lunch that day. Perfectly with minestra maritata, pasta e fagioli, polenta with beans, frittata di pasta, salsiccia e friarielle Ruby red…notes of red fruits, tannic, but not overpowering.

Our last glass. A glass of 100% Tintore. Another wine, another experience. E’ ISS 2007. A powerful red from vines dating back to the 1700s. (Vineyards throughout Tramonti; Scavata di Gete, Madonna del Carmine di Campinola, Colle Aveso di Corsano, Pecorari di Capitignano) Vines that are work of art. A grape that tells the history of the area. A wine that speaks for Tramonti …from the heart. Red..dark ruby red. Dark red fruity aromas…tannins that make you stand up and take notice.

Take notice of not only a wine, but a winery. Not only a winery, but a territory. Tramonti. Gaetano Bove’s Tramonti which once again I watched admiringly as he spoke of his challenges, past, present, and future. How he expressed his hopes, his speranza, for Tintore…Tramonti…the Campania area in general. . I have heard Gaetano speak about his Tramonti, high on the Amalfi Coast many times. I know the stories well, but never grow tired hearing about them.

Italian Version

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Year's Eve with La Poeta Vesuviano...Torre del Greco (Na)

Chef Carmine Mazza has prepared a menu to kick the year off right.

Variazione di mare : (Seafood)

Insalatina di polipetti su finocchi croccanti e salsa all'arancia (Octopus salad with fennel and an orange sauce)
Veli di orata marinata allo zucchero di canna e salsa acida al limone (Orata marinated in brown sugar with a lemon sauce)
Alici e pesce bandiera marinati agl'agrumi(anchovies and pesce banderiera marinated in a lemon and orange sauce)

Minestra di patate e funghi porcini (Minestrone with potatoes and porcini mushrooms)
 filetto di spigola di lenza all'alloro (bass fillet)

Risotto ai carciofi con gallinella di mare e alghe croccanti (Risotto with artichokes, fish, and seaweed)

Ravioli ripieni di ricotta e scampi su crema di zucca piccante ed emulsione al nero di seppia (Ravioli filled with ricotta and prawns on a bed of spicy pumpkin and nero di seppia)

Filetto di dentice scottato su insalatina di scarole e spuma di cavolfiori (Seared snapper fillet on a salad of endive and cauliflower mousse)

Semifreddo al cioccolato e strega , salsa al cioccolato bianco , nocciole del Cilento e uva candita (Chocolate and Strega parfait, white chocolate sauce, nuts from Cilento and candied rasins)

And other traditional desserts

All accompanied with home made pane al pomodoro, alle olive , alla pancetta , grissini e tarallini alle alghe di
The dinner cost 70 Euro (drinks include)

For more inf or, or to reserve call 081 883 26 73 / 328 831 6623

Ristorante Il Poeta Vesuviano
 Viale Europa 42, Torre del Greco (Napoli)

Acqua , vino , bevande , distillati , spumanti compresi 70 € a persona.

New Year's Day Lunch...Le Tre Arcate...Piano di Sorrento (Sa)

By popular demand, Le Tre Arcate in Piano di Sorrento has organized a lunch rich in tradition for Capodanno prepared exclusively by chef Salvatore Accietto.  You can choose from his specialties such as:

Il Piatto dei Fumè (Seafood)
Salmone con Burro, Tonno con Burro Salato, Spada con Ricotta al Limone

Il Piatto degli Insaccati: (Salamis)
Salame Nostrano, Pancetta, Lardo di Colonnata, Soppressata di Gioi (Presidio Slow Food), Capicollo di Martina Franca (Presiio Slow Food) e Crostini Caldi

Il Piatto dei Formaggi: (Cheeses)
Treccia Sorrentina, Ricotta Essiccata alle Erbette, Caciocavallo Sorrentino, Provolone del Monaco e Caciocavallo Podolico – Miele e Confetture

Il Piatto Caldo:(Warm dishes)
Sformatino di Patate e Broccoli con Lamelle di Tartufo Nero

Il Fritto della Tradizione:(Fried treats)
Panzarotto, Arancino, Mozzarellina, Frittatina, Fiore Ripieno, Scagnozzo, Pizzella di Cavolfiore

Primi:(First Courses)
Tortelloni in Brodo di Carne
Le Candele Spezzate al Ragù con Grattuggia di Caciotta Secca Sorrentina
Raviolini al Gorgonzola in Salsa di Noci
Risotto Zucca ed Astice
Spaghetti di Gragnano del Pastificio dei Campi con Colatura di Alici (Presidio Slow Food )e Pomodorini el Piennolo (Presiio Slow Food)

Secondi (Second Courses)
Cappone Ripieno con Patate al Forno a Legna
Lombata di Agnello con Polenta Gialla e Scalogno Ridotto al Balsamico
Cotechino Nostrano e Lenticchie
Baccalà Fritto con Insalata di Rinforzo
Filetto di Dentice Sfumato alla Grappa di Moscato e Polvere di Mandarino

Insalata di Rinforzo
Scarole Saltate con Olive di Gaeta e Capperi di Salina (Presidio Slow Food)

Dolci alla Carta

Reservations are highly recommended
For more information or to reserve, contact
Ristorante Le Tre Arcate
Piazza Cota, 9/10
80063 Piano di Sorrento (Na)
Tel 0815321849

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bollicine d'Italia Party...Città del Gusto Napoli, December 19

Italian Spakling Wines---Spumante!!!

Here is a chance to try some of Italy's best during this holiday season...
Feudi di San Gregorio - Piera Martellozzo - Barone Pizzini - Guido Berlucchi & C - Ferghettina - Keeping Bouquet - Monte Rossa - Enrico Serafino - Cantine Due Palme - Sella & Mosca - Cavit - Astoria Vini - Desiderio Bisol & Figli - Carpenè Malvolti - Canella - Borgoluce - Villa Sandi - and many more ...

No Citta' del Gusto is complete without their famous appetizers prepared by their chefs and pizza makers.  There will also be an opportunity to try torrone by Di Iorio and chocolate by Domori.

The evening starts at 2000 hrs ish, and after 2300 hrs, Radio Capri will broadcast live.

The price is 18 Euro (15 Euro for Gambero Rosso subscribers,  members of SLOW FOOD, AIS, FISAR, ONAV andASPI , Cartapiù Feltrinelli card holders ,and iassociate members of Cral TLC).

Reservations are necessary and can be made in the following manner:

Tel. 081/19808900/902
fax: 081/19808911

Città del Gusto Napoli
Coroglio 104e
Naples, Italy 80124

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas Mise en Place!!

It was THE party to kick off the holiday season.  Mise en Place's Christmas Dinner took place last night at Le Arcate on Via Aniello Falcone in Vomero (Na).  A festive menu prepared by the Mise En Place staff

Antipasti by Chef Vito Bardaro:  
Cannolo Brise' con Broccoli alla Monachine e Mousse di Capitone.  Polipo ai Profumi Mediterranei

Chef Armando Palmieri
Mini cheesecake di Gorgonzola e Mostardo i Pera,  Caprese rivisitata in bombon di pasta fillo e ragù napoletano

Chef Claudio Campanile:
Variazionii di Baccala:  Sfogiatelle di Baccala' in Cassuola, Baccala' Mantecato al Peperoncino, Baccala in Tempura con Granita di Asprinio 
ziti Spezzati con Genovese di Tonno al Profumo di Finocchietto

Chef Giuseppe Guiliano:
Rollatura di Pesce Spada al Pistacchio con Caponatina di Ortaggi in AGrodolce Profumata alla Cannella

Chef Maurizio Santin:
Grolla e Golosita di Cioccolato

Luciano Pignataro presented his new book, Guida alle piccole cantine della we skimmed through the pages, many of the wines included in the book were on hand to enjoy.  An even better treat...several of the producers were there, too...

Merry Christmas Mise En Place!!!

See you in the New Year!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Natale with Chef Antonio Pisaniello,La Locanda di Bu...and Red and White Reindeer

It was time to go back…or up, I should say. Up about 941 meters above sea level to Nusco. Nusco in Alta Irpinia (Av). To this small and beautiful centro storico with a fantastic view of Irpinia. Back to Vico dello Spagnuolo, 1. Back to Chef Antonio Pisaniello, his wife Jenny Auriemma, and their restaurant La Locanda di Bu.

It was unusually warm this December afternoon, but as soon as I opened the doors, I felt the spirit of Natale…The usual red and white interior was joined by a team of dancing reindeer. Reindeer who reminded me that maybe it’s time to write a letter to Santa Claus…to Babbo Natale…A letter like this one…

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl this year. I’ve worked hard. For Christmas, I’m not asking for much…just a few items that coincidently are found on La Locanda di Bu’s menu.

1) A bowl of bean soup…Warm, creamy bean soup with a small vegetable ball on top.

2) Pumpkin bruschetta. Pumpkin from Jenny’s mother’s garden. Pumpkin that has been marinated in vinegar, then placed on top of lightly toasted bread. A touch of olive oil. I’d like two, please.

3) Zeppoline with broccoli.

4) A broccoli salad, warm, with truffles on top. Underneath the broccoli, I would like to find peppers, anchovies, and warm toasted cubes of bread.

5) Fried ricotta. Not just any ricotta, though. Ricotta from Montella (Av). Crispy on the outside. Then, Santa, it must be placed on a bed of broccoli sauce with a few cubes of pancetta from Venticano. I would like it decorated with aqua di pomodoro, anchovy oil, and potatoes.

6) Spaghetti. A warm plate of Spaghetti di Gragnano. Spaghetti that has been tossed gently in a velvety sauce of peppers and cacciota podolico. A light shower of black pepper on top.

7) Canazzi or ziti with a rich ragu sauce. The sauce must be made with lamb and sausage, then slowly cooked for hours under the watchful eye of Pisaniello.

8) I would also like some dinner rolls. Warm rolls straight from the oven. Rolls that have a potato filling. Or broccoli. Or sweet onions that have been simmered for hours. Perfect for soaking up my pasta sauce.

9) A pork rib. One that has been roasted in Pisaniello’s oven, and laid to rest on a bed of potatoes, apple and pistachios.

10) Flan al cioccolato. A little chocolate cake, just for me. It must be served warm, and as I place my fork in it, I would like melted chocolate to ooze out the middle. On the side, rum ice cream, please. Homemade ice cream, with raisins and a little chocolate.

11) A tray of little pastries. Little pastries starring creme brulè.

12) The sincere genuine smile of Jenny Auriemma as she expertly suggests new wines for me to try, like Greco di Tufo from Cantine Storiche di Marzo.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Il Sapore della Tradizione-Grand Opening - Saturday, December 11 , Melito (Na)

pane a canestrelli

Il Sapore della Tradizione is Stefano Pagliuca's new location. Stefano comes from a family of passionate bakers who have been producing Canestrelli bread for generations.

The new location is 200square meters, which is divided on two floors. On the ground floor, in addition to the large laboratory for the production of breads, pizzas and a rich tradition of take away food to satisfy the taste of the finest gourmet, we find a room occupied by an inviting window-bench, where , beyond the bread and pizza, you can find fresh pasta and typical products of craftsmanship of the best regional and national traditions.

But if you go down in the basement you run into something singular and unique.

A real wine vault: 100 square meter cellar occupied by wooden shelves in which, laid in strict canonical position, are more than 5,000 bottles, which benefit from an integrated controlled climate, at a fixed temperature of 18 ° and a constant rate of 75% humidity.

Here you’ll find a wide selection of Italian, French, and other international wines. A special corner is devoted to champagne and sparkling wines, spirits and artisan beer.

Stefano will welcome everyone this Saturday at 200 hrs ish.  Stop by, grab a glass of wine and something to eat!  See you there!!!
Il Sapore della Tradizione
Corso Europa 125,
Milito di Napoli (Na)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fior D'Uva...Into the Glass...Into the Territory...

Sorrento in December is spectacular. The streets are decorated with Christmas lights…window shopping is a must, and this past weekend, the Hilton Sorrento Palace hosted a vertical wine tasting that was not to miss…From the Pompeii room on the second floor, with an amazing view of the coast, I found a seat in the front row.

The winery-Marisa Cuomo...located in Fuore (Sa). Andrea Ferraioli brought with him 1 wine... 6 vintages. 6 years of Marisa Cuomo's beloved Fior D'Uva 2000-2005. Wines to observe, breathe in, taste, and discuss. As beautiful images of the vineyards and cantina were displayed in the background, Andrea shared the background of this wine, which is now made with 3 grape varieties; fenile, ginestra, and ripoli. These grapes that grow in a rocky chalky soil, and are kissed by the salty sea breezes of the coast. Three grapes that produce a wine that has won numerous awards and recognition. This wine that would play part in a wine tasting that, on this particular day, would be led by the delegate of Ais Sorrento Peninsula Giannantonio Aiuolo, Ais Campania President Nicoletta Garguilo, and Luca Gardini who was recently voted the Best Sommelier in the World.

I strongly believe that each wine tasting is an opportunity to learn…to grow. Here was a big opportunity…

So we began. A trip that would take us through 6 years of Fior D’Uva…We started with the 2005 vintage and made our way to 2000 with each sommelier alternating between vintages. As each wine was poured, it was hard not to notice the beautiful straw yellow color in each glass. As we tried the 2005 with Giannantonio Aiuolo, together we swirled our glasses, observed the narrow arcs that formed and the tears that slowly rolled down the inside.

Nose to the glass...each glass presented its own gift of aromas; intense, fruity, herbal, mineral, aromas of the sea, nutty...Luca Gardini held my attention as he performed the olfactory examination. As he approached my table, set his glass down and concentrated on the wine. He carefully, but effortlessly choose the words to describe it. Language that was easy to follow…easy to understand. I appreciated that. He helped us to note the exotic fruit aromas in the 2003 vintage and pointed out the complexities. And when he tasted...he shared how it was creamy, round, full. How you could practically chew this it really spoke for the territory.

Nicoletta Garguilo presented the 2004 vintage in her style. She noted how this wine was sapid, flavorful…fresh. She really led us through this tasting and at one point, before we tried our 5th wine, recommended that we drink water and eat a little bread to clean our mouth of the acidity so that we could move on. On to the 2001 vintage, she pointed out aromas such as artichokes, fruits, nuts, and then that salty marine aroma at the end. She helped me to understand how this wine, from an extraordinary year, had different aromas than the rest. How it was well balanced.

And then it was over.  A time to reflect.  A time to appreciate.  Apreciate a wine. One wine…six vintages. And a wine tasting that focused on the wine that brought us into the glass, into the territory.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Glass of Wine, Mercurio, and 5 Grappoli

I quickly skimmed over an email from a friend of mine inviting me to a wine tasting…another wine tasting. Naples has had more than its fair share the past few months. But something about this one was different. I looked closer. No…no…this one would be different. This one would take me to Irpinia by way of Sannio and Caserta. This one would be held in the warm, inviting PDM della Gran Caffetteria in Napoli’s living room…Piazza dei Martidei. This one would be personal, intimate. Three wineries…5 wines, all under the umbrella of enologist Vincenzo Mercurio.

Three wineries, each coincidently recipients of Duemilavini 2011 5 grappoli awards. 5 grappoli-the highest recognition given to a wine by Ais (Association of Italian Sommeliers). Campania received 13…3 belong to wineries that work with Vincenzo Mercurio.

I grabbed my copy of Duemilavini to take a look at what I would be in for that cool rainy evening, and then I was out the door.

I Favati-Irpinia…Cesinali to be exact. I started off with a white wine. The only one at the table that evening. But what a white…. Fiano di Avellino Pietramara 2009 (5 Grappoli)…

Fattoria La Rivolta. Torrecusco-Benevento. An area that I realized I have neglected in my vineyard hoppings...A winery worth looking into. And at this particular tasting, aglianico present in two versions. A rosè—Aglianico del Taburno Rosato Le Mongolfiere a San Bruno 2009, and Aglianico del Taburno Terra di Rivolta Riserva 2007 ( 5 Grappoli).

Masseria Felicia. Sessa Annurca-Caserta. Falerno del Massico Rosso Etichetta Bronzo 2007. A falerno made with 80 % aglianico and 20 % piedirosso...another 5 Grappoli...I could see why.

For my last wine, I was back in Irpinia…back to I Favati to taste their Taurasi Terzotratto Riserva 2005.

In between trying wines, chatting with friends, and tasting appetizers, I had a chance to talk with Vincenzo Mercurio. To talk briefly about his role as enologist…the importance that he gives to the territory; how it must be respected, no appreciated. How only in this way can you produce a wine…THE wine that  not only represents a winery, but represents Irpinia, Sannio, and Caserta.

It was time to go…I grabbed my last rustico, and made my way to my car. I can safely say that I enjoyed myself.  That I tried 5 wines that were new to me. That I spoke with three wineries that proudly represented Campania. That I had a quick chat with an enologist who has made his imprint in Campania as well as throughout southern Italy. And that I definitely have some wineries to investigate in future vineyard hopping appointments…

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marvelous Main Courses-Seared Tuna with White Sesame Seeds and Yellow Pepper Salad with Capers and Mint by Chef Carmine Mazza

Chef Carmine Mazza from Il Poeta Vesuviano in Torre del Greco has tempted me again...This time with this tuna dish perfect for the season.

A fillet of tuna, 500 g

50 g of salt
50 g brown sugar
Sesame seeds
Orange zest
2 yellow peppers
100 g of capers
Pine nuts
Fresh mint
Extra virgin olive oil

Marinate the tuna with salt, sugar, and orange peel for 24 hours ...

Toast the sesame seeds in a pan until they become crunchy. Sear the tuna in a pan for 15 seconds on all 4 sides then let cool. Roll in the toasted sesame seeds and set aside.

Cut the peppers into julienne strips and season with olive oil, a little salt, capers, chopped fresh mint leaves, pine nuts and a pinch of curry

Emulsify the mint leaves with the extra virgin olive oil

Place the peppers in the center of the salad plateplace the slices of tuna on top. Drizzle on the olive oil/mint mixture. Garnish with fresh mint.

Italian Version