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Gaetano Bove's Tramonti

Gaetano Bove
November 2009...the 3rd of November to be exact. I remember that particular day because it was one of my first outings as a ‘blogger’. It was Tintore Day, hosted by Cantine Astroni. Hosted by Campi Flegrei, but starring Tramonti’s wineries. And seated behind a long cherry wood table was Gaetano Bove from Tenuta San Francesco . Since then I have seen Gaetano (and his family) on numerous occasions. I have heard him speak about his Tramonti, high on the Amalfi Coast. I know the stories well, but never grow tired hearing about his territory or his wines. The latest opportunity came just a couple of weeks ago at a wine tasting in Sorrento.

A sunny day in Sorrento…a crisp December day. It had been a busy one for Gaetano. He had spent the day showing buyers from China around…didn’t have time to stop by the house like he wanted…didn’t have time to pick up a dvd with photos of his Tramonti. So he had to describe it with his words…from his heart.

Our first glass was poured…a white. Per Eva. A white wine from Gaetano’s vineyard Vigna di Prete. It is a cru…a blend. A blend of Falanghina, biancolella, and Ginestra. We tasted the 2008 vintage. We tasted, Gaetano spoke. Spoke of a wine that he produces which shows his affection for not only his wife, Eva, but for all the women in his life. Then…from his heart, he dedicated this wine to all women who are the backbone of the family. As I tasted this wine, I thought about a lunch that I attended in Gaetano’s winery last March. (here) The party atmosphere. It was here where I was introduced to his family, his Per Eva. This wine with brilliant straw yellow color. This glass when swirled lightly produced tight arches on the inside of the glass…shared fantastic light fruity aromas. Smooth, fresh, pleasant acidity, well balanced.

Our next glass was 4 Spine Riserva 2006… So here we have a red…a blend of Aglianico, Piedirosso, and Tintore…A red that expresses Tramonti in its own way. A red that produced challenges for this young winery.  A red that they, along with enologist Carmine Valentino have worked with to get they wine that they want.  Once again, my mind went back to Gaetano’s winery, where 4 Spine paired perfectly with our lunch that day. Perfectly with minestra maritata, pasta e fagioli, polenta with beans, frittata di pasta, salsiccia e friarielle Ruby red…notes of red fruits, tannic, but not overpowering.

Our last glass. A glass of 100% Tintore. Another wine, another experience. E’ ISS 2007. A powerful red from vines dating back to the 1700s. (Vineyards throughout Tramonti; Scavata di Gete, Madonna del Carmine di Campinola, Colle Aveso di Corsano, Pecorari di Capitignano) Vines that are work of art. A grape that tells the history of the area. A wine that speaks for Tramonti …from the heart. Red..dark ruby red. Dark red fruity aromas…tannins that make you stand up and take notice.

Take notice of not only a wine, but a winery. Not only a winery, but a territory. Tramonti. Gaetano Bove’s Tramonti which once again I watched admiringly as he spoke of his challenges, past, present, and future. How he expressed his hopes, his speranza, for Tintore…Tramonti…the Campania area in general. . I have heard Gaetano speak about his Tramonti, high on the Amalfi Coast many times. I know the stories well, but never grow tired hearing about them.

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