Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Il Sapore della Tradizione-Grand Opening - Saturday, December 11 , Melito (Na)

pane a canestrelli

Il Sapore della Tradizione is Stefano Pagliuca's new location. Stefano comes from a family of passionate bakers who have been producing Canestrelli bread for generations.

The new location is 200square meters, which is divided on two floors. On the ground floor, in addition to the large laboratory for the production of breads, pizzas and a rich tradition of take away food to satisfy the taste of the finest gourmet, we find a room occupied by an inviting window-bench, where , beyond the bread and pizza, you can find fresh pasta and typical products of craftsmanship of the best regional and national traditions.

But if you go down in the basement you run into something singular and unique.

A real wine vault: 100 square meter cellar occupied by wooden shelves in which, laid in strict canonical position, are more than 5,000 bottles, which benefit from an integrated controlled climate, at a fixed temperature of 18 ° and a constant rate of 75% humidity.

Here you’ll find a wide selection of Italian, French, and other international wines. A special corner is devoted to champagne and sparkling wines, spirits and artisan beer.

Stefano will welcome everyone this Saturday at 200 hrs ish.  Stop by, grab a glass of wine and something to eat!  See you there!!!
Il Sapore della Tradizione
Corso Europa 125,
Milito di Napoli (Na)

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