Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hello There, Mr. White! Kresios Restaurant, Telese (Bn)

A lot has happened since my last visit to Kresios Has it really been four years???
The restaurant, headed by Chef Giuseppe Iannotti, had not yet received a Michelin star – many aspects were still works in progress, such as a bistro, rooms, gardens and much much more.
And though I have seen Iannotti and members of his team in various events over the years, there is nothing like sitting down at a table on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

A look a t the website a month earlier gave me a little hint of what my afternoon would be like.  A very little hint.  Two tasting menus – Mr. Pink and Mr. White.  That was it, that was all folks.
I opted for Mr. White – the longer version of the 2 menus and asked for the wines to be included.  Here’s a look at what I enjoyed that November afternoon.


Caviar and champagne

Fermentation - basically - fermented radishes and cucumbers.

Puffed pigkin and cod in an tray.  That pigskin brought back childhood memories.

zucchine taglione and a perlage of black truffles and mint

A flavorful pizza alla Napoletana tucked inside white paper

Roasted chicken chip!!!

Frog salad sandwich - che sopresa!!!

Caciocavallo cheese and annurca apple marmalade.

Sweet bread 'popcorn' and ketchup.

It loos lie a popular chocolate candy, instead? It's a Foie gras raffaello!

Ready for the appetizers???  Iniziamo!

An oyster cocktail.

A pork kebab with powdered rose and mustard.

Eggplant, white miso, and raspberries!!!!

Veal and tuna sauce - just that...the chef forgot the veal.  No problem!!!

A beautiful crab broth...
Second course...
Monfish, prunes and black garlic.  This is November!!!

An amberjack in the garden...

A nice surprise.  This dish began as a 'staff lunch' favorite.  Iannotti enjoyed it so much, that he decided to put it on the menu.  Pork belly and leeks.

Grilled lamb and mushroom.
Time for the first course...yes...AFTER the second.  Mr. White strikes again!

Spaghetti allo scoglio.  Scoglio means rock in Italian, and this dish, despite its color, has fantastic flavors that are reminiscent of the sea.

Fagottino pasta stuffed with guinea fowl.

Risotto with robiola cheese, duck speck and lime. FLAVorful!
Ready for dessert?

Then a festival !  A dessert parade including ...

Lychee and violets

Licorice ice cream

Tomato, celery and chili

Annurca apple canalee.

Cinnamon donuts

effervescent marshmallow

Bread stick, caramel and chocolate

Gelee with raspberry, cuttings and mint mara in raindrop cake

I left - after that amazing afternoon with Mr. White and all gli amici of Kresios determined that I'd be back soon.