Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dinner Da Enzo Coccia-Pizzaria La Notizia

There has to be something special about a place where people will wait up to an hour outside on a hot Tuesday Naples evening for a pizza. I mean, in Naples, it is not hard to find a pizzeria…BUT if your intention is to have a pizza at one of the best places in town, you will join the crowd of pizza lovers and patiently wait your turn. The place? Pizzaria La Notizia with maestro pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia. Enzo is known throughout Italy and the world as one of the best.

Eating at La Notizia is almost as if you have been invited to Enzo’s home…his dining room…his kitchen. I got that impression instantly when he saw me from the window, waved, came out and greeted not only me, but the rest of his customers, his friends, who were waiting outside. A few minutes later, Alessio Rotondo, one of La Notizia’s waiters, came out with pizza slices for everyone. A snack while we waited…al bianco with salami and pepper…

Inside…we took our place in a small dining area with a perfect view of Enzo, his team, and the pizza oven. Reading the menu was like reading a guide to the best products in Campania…Enzo chooses his products carefully. There are three categories of pizza on the menu…1) Classic which includes your marinara, margherita (tomatoes and fior di latte), 4 seasons, 4 cheeses, etc…2) Traditional such as the Pizza Romana DOP (San Marzano tomatoes DOP, mozzarella di buffalo campana DOP, olio extra virgin DOP, grated pecorino cheese, anchovies, oregano, and capers and 3) Creative such as La Notizia (tomatoes, provola di buffalo and mushrooms)

We tried two pizzas; Margherita DOP (San Marzano tomatoes DOP, provola di buffalo DOP, olio extra vergine DOP) and Enzo (provola, tomatoes, buffalo ricotta, and rucola). Both delicious and both a testimony to what quality products can do in the hands of a maestro. From the fresh grated pecorino on top to the light tasty crust on the bottom this is what Naples pizza is all about.

As we ate, I watched Enzo work the room. Making the pizzas, delivering them…back to the oven, stopping to chat with everyone, setting tables, clearing tables…I wondered where he gets the energy! Enzo, fresh from a major pizza event in Benevento. Enzo, who will soon be going to New York to help inaugurate Donatella Arpaia’s new restaurant Donatella…The same man who runs a pizza consulting business, trains pizza makers from all over the world…I could go on…

Eating here, I soon felt like part of an extended family. The place seats 28 and we are quite close together so often I found myself admiring pizzas at nearby tables while enjoying mine. Almost time to go, but we had to try the saltimbocca with nutella...

On the inside of the menu, Enzo gives a message to his clients ‘Da sempre la pizza napolitana viene preperata semplicemente…con acqua, sale, farina di lievito (o’ criscito). Il segreto è un pizzico d’amore, nulla di meno nulla di più’. Translation: Neapolitan pizza has always been prepared simply...with water, salt, flour, and yeast. The secret is a pinch of love, nothing more, nothing less.

Well said, Enzo…

Pizzaria La Notizia

Via Caravaggio 53/55 Naples, Italy

081 714 2155

Open for dinner only Tuesday through Sunday. I strongly recommend calling for reservations.


  1. Sorry I missed this on my last visit - my mouth is watering!

    Prossima volta!