Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lunch con Alfonso Prisco-Living Food-San Giuseppe Vesuviano

This weekend, I had the desire for a no frills lunch. Something simple, something that I could throw together, something quick-yet slow. One of the things that I love about Italy and particularly Campania is that I can enter into a ‘salumeria’, look at the vast array of salami, cheeses, etc. Choose a few items for lunch, a piece of bread, a bottle of wine or beer, and then off to my house.

This Saturday, though, was a little different. This time, the ‘salumeria’ was Living Food. The owner, Alfonso Prisco. The location, San Giuseppe Vesuviano.

I walked in at 1410 ish. I was greeted  by Alfonso, his wife Feliciana, and his daughter Chiara. Handed a glass of Manabrea, then I took a little tour.

Pastas, cheeses, salami, oils, wine...all handpicked by Alfonso…all, that when you walk in, you are bombarded by an immense selection of the best products from throughout Italy.

Da Alfonso…at Alfonso’s Lliving Food,  there is something extra. You may choose to ‘take away’ or an option that I chose, to eat at the few tables that Alfonso and Feliciana have in the back. A small kitchen, ready to prepare pasta from Gragnano with tomatoes, or a selection of items from behind the counter.

Alfonso chose the simple life---the type of products that are easy to throw together…the dishes that Saturdays are made of.

Prosciutto di Parma, eggplant parmagiana, green peppers with tomatoes, mozzarella from Presenzano (very soft ..morbido), braesola di Toro, tomatoes with basil. Simplice...buono---

After lunch, a quick tour of Alfonso’s place. We talked about his love for food, wine, and beer.

How he searches for the best the wheel pasta from Benedetta Cavalierieri. Each one different, how it basically hugs whatever ever sauce you may pair it with…Rice-Aquerella, the rice that THE best chefs use for their famous risottos…

The wines…a pleasant surprise to see Irpinia proudly represented…Feudi di San Gregorio, Terradora, Mastroberardino, Villa Raino…Beers such as Super, and Manabrea. Alfonso, fellow sommelier student, enjoys offering his clientele his discoveries…

Cheeses such as Parmaggiano di Reggiano di Giorgio Carvero from Piemonte-a very intense aroma and flavor. Auricchio- born in San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Giovanni Auricchio)...Pecorino di Fossa, produced in Emilia Romania, aged in a big well---put in in July, taken out in November... great with honey...Provolone di Monaco DOP...:-)

Tomatoes from Vesuvius—pomodorino a Piennolo....

Mortadella...but a Mortadella that is very croccante-almost like a prosciutto cotto, this one is not as gummy, not as soft as the typical Mortadella you may find in your supermarkets…

Prosciutto di Parma---sweet, soft, just the right amount of ‘grasso’ to give it flavor…

Olive oil-Cilento, Tuscany, Avellino well represented…

Balsamic vinegar from Modena, the best for his customers...

What did I enjoy about my lunch da Alfonso?

The time spent with him, his wife, Feliciano and daughter Chiara…their genuine hospitality…Persone per bene…Real people….Campania...

Alfonso Living Food
Via Cabonari, 89San Giuseppe Vesuviano (Na) 80047
081 529-6666
Open Monday through Thursday: 0830-1500..1700-2100
Sunday : 0830-1330

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