Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aperitivo Time - Vallesaccarda (Av) - Oasis Sapori Antichi

It's early.  Too early for  lunch.  Or maybe too early for dinner.  So why not have an aperitif...or as we say in Italy, an aperitivo. Either way you say it, the objective is the same:  to stimulate the appetite, get the juices flowing.  A pre meal snack which can be mundane, or as a recent visit to Oasis Sapori Antichi in Vallesaccarda, Avellino proved, a perfect introduction to the meal.

The last time I was at Oasis was last December, so one of the first things that I noticed was their comfortable outside lounge. Sleek white couches, bright pink pillows, cool shades that protected you from the hot summer sun.
It was here where Puccio Fischetti offered us something to drink.  A spumante (what else)...Montesole Greco Spumante Brut Refreshing. An excellent choice to pair with our light leggero aperitivo conversation. But Carmine Fischetti decided to add a bit more to our pairing.  Three of the best bruschette that I have ever eaten.

One of the Best Bruschetta #1: Toasted bread with melted Carmasciano cheese.  A  rich flavorful formaggio made only in the counties of  Rocca S. Felice, Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi and Guardia dei Lombardi in the province of Avellino...mmmm
One of the Best Bruschetta #2: Toasted bread with sweet dehydrated tomatoes. a touch or oregano, a little olive oil...mmmmm x 2.
One of the Best Bruschetta #3:  Toasted bread with dehydrated tomatoes and burrata, a fresh cheese made with mozzarella and cream....mmmm x 3.

Glasses empty...plate clean...
The true sign of a successful aperitivo...

Oasis Sapori Antichi - Famiglia Fischetti
Via Provinciale – 83050 Vallesaccarda (Avellino) 
0827-97021, 0827-97444

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