Thursday, September 10, 2015

Octopus Summer - Polpo e Linguine, Chef Giacomo De Simone, Punta Scutolo Ristorante, Seiano (Na)

It's official.  Octopus  played a key role in my list of favorite dishes/summer 2015.  Like this one by Chef Giacomo De Simone of Punta Scutolo Ristorante in Seiano *Na).  A fantastic first served right on the beach.  Polpo e lingiuine/Octopus and linguine.

The chef first cooked the octopus vacuum packed at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius/185 degrees Farenheight for about and hour and a half.  He conserved the juices, added some water and used that to cook the pasta.

Notice the pasta's color?  All octopus.  After the pasta was cooked al dente, he drained it, added some extra virgin olive oil, and the cooked octopus which he had cut into small pieces.

A first course that was....


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