Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Let's Get it Started!! - Amazing Appetizers, Re Mauri', Vietri Sul Mare (Sa)

After nearly 24 years in Campania and numerous visits to Vietri Sul Mare, I've always turned left at the exit, never right.  Until that rainy afternoon in which I decided to have lunch at Re Mauri', a small gourmet restaurant that has escaped my radar since its opening in 2014 - even after earning a Michelin star in 2016.
I took the exit, just as the light rain turned into a heavy downpour, making me almost miss the entrance to the restaurant. I parked, was escorted into Re Mauri'.

Bellissimo! my first reaction.  A small dining room featuring a lovely rain soaked terrace tiled in Vietri Sul Mare blue. I turned, greeted Chef Lorenzo Cuomo, a quick chat, tour of the kitchen and then I was led to my seat by Maitre Sommelier Roberto Adduono.  Adduono showed me the water list - I chose a natural carbonated bottle from northern Portugal -Vidago.

Then, time for an cocktail...an oyster cocktail prepared table side!


As Adduono poured my cocktail, I noticed that the rain had stopped.  The rain stopped, the sky cleared, and the sun came out just in time for an aperitif.

Mozzaerella panna cotta with a Mazara red shrimp carpaccio and a marinated egg yolk.

and a glass of rose' champagne, produced especially for Re Mauri by Pascal Redon.

and octopus alla luciana with creamy smoked potatoes and cucumella powder...

leading to an array of appetizers to satisfy every palate...

Lobster in brown butter, caramelized endive, creamy sea herbs and green apple. 

Rabbit with creamy codfish ice cream and cedrina herbs...

Veal head and roasted octopus with 'antique' potatoes, pesto and lemon.

That, my friends, was just the beginning...


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