Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fantastic First - Neapolitan Cannelloni, Chef Pasqule Palamaro, Indaco Restaurant, Ischia (Na)

While attending Stelle in Strada last weekend in Ischia, I had a chance to bump into Chef  Pasquale Palamaro of Indaco Restaurant.
  Bump?  Well, actually searched him out.  I hadn’t seen the chef since September during Ischia Safari, and I was quite curious as to what he had planned to serve during this street festival for charity.

Eccolo!  There he is!  In the midst of his mini brigade.  A quick hello, hi, and how ya doin', and Palamaro went back to work.  Work on his dish Cannellone napoletano dripping – Neapolitan cannelloni dripping style. 

I, and many many others that evening, watched and waited (somewhat) patiently for our turn for a taste of this fantastic first.  Though a week has passed, I still remember my first bite – taken after a minute or two of admiring the plating- the colors- the splatter/drizzle topping as a homage to the late Jackson Pollock  and Shimamoto Shozo–  artists who  have  inspired the chef’s dishes in the past.

I still remember my second bite, which I chewed slowly, enjoying the flavors, the festa, and the friends who joined me during this mini degustazione..

I finished my dish and turned to Palamaro to ask for details details details – but the chef and his team was busy satisfying the crowds. 

So, a few days later, I sent the chef a message and here was his reply….

Il cannellone che abbiamo presentato è farcito con stracotto di stinco di vitello al profumo di rosmarino e limone avvolto in pasta fresca sopra riprendiamo la tecnica di pittura contemporanea utilizzata da Jackson e Shimamoto dripping
E lo facciamo con 4 salse formaggio, barbabietola, spinaci, e zafferano.
Chef Palamaro

The cannelloni we presented was stuffed with stewed veal shank flavored with rosemary and lemon wrapped in fresh dough.  Drizzled on top -  a contemporary painting technique used by Jackson (Pollock) and Shimamoto (Shozo)done  with four sauces; cheese, beet, spinach, and saffron.


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