Friday, April 27, 2018

Fantastic First, Il Faro Di Capo D'Orso, Maiori (Sa)

Pre service chit chat with Michelin starred Chef Pierfranco Ferrara of Il Faro di Capo D'Orso.  A splendido location on the Amalfi Coast.  It was my first visit, so you could just imagine my stato di anima/my mood.  Very shy and a bitnervous.  The chef and I talked about the menu, his menu.  I mentioned my love for pasta lunga - and also that I noticed that on the menu there was one in particular that gabbed my attention. But with an exception - I'm not a big fan of fava beans.
Maybe that is why I was pleasantly surprised when Ferrara sent out this dish, custom made for me!

Linguine pastificio dei campi con salsa emulsionata di ostriche, caviale royal e polvere d dragoncello.

Pastificio dei Capi linguine pasat with an emulsified oyster sauce, royal caviar and tarragon powder.

The original recipe included fava beans...the chef took them out.  Grazie.  Grazie...e complimenti!!

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