Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saving Myself for Vinitaly.....

I've attended quite a few wine tastings and events recently, but I've decided to take a break.  Well, at least for a couple of weeks.  I'm 'saving' myself for Vinitaly.

Imagine....5 days in one of Italy's most enchanting cities.  A city known for its art, architecture, Romeo and Juliet, and every April...Vinitaly.  Vinitaly is a HUGE wine fair that will be held in Verona 8-12 April.  Their web site (here) says that there are over 4,200 reasons to visit.  Meaning 4,200 exhibitors will be on hand to show you what they've got.  HUGE.

I've decide to go this year and have been bombarded with advice by Vinitaly Veterans.  Advice like plan out your day, organize your tastings, make a list of who you want to see, do not pass go, do not collect $200, etc...You get the picture.

So, over the next week I will be doing just that. Checking out the map, consulting the list of exhibitors by region (here), narrowing down which wine tastings I would like to attend....I know, rough....

Hope to see you there!

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