Monday, April 12, 2010

My Campania Vigna Felix at Vinitaly---Troppo Bello...

Just back from Verona.  Back home in Campania.  I sit here reflecting on my Campania vigna felix that made, in my opinion, una bella figura, good impression, in Verona. My Campania vigna felix, a pavillion  with nearly 200 wineries represented.  My Campania vigna felix which I called home for 4 days.  A pavillion divided into neighborhoods, each province with its own vico.  Each province with its own personality.  Each province with its own...feeling. 

My Campania vigna felix where, as I walked around, I felt the warmth of the people who represent Napoli, Avellino, Caserta, Salerno, and Benevento.  Calore from friends such as Gaetano and Eva Bove from Tenuta San Francesco  who generously shared their wine and typical products such as salamis, mozzarella, and bread from Tramonti.  Antonio Papa, always there with a smile.  Nanni Copè's Giovanni, a gentleman with a great sense of humor.  The explosive personality of Bruno De Concillis who seemed to be everywhere.  It was great to see Vincenzo Di Meo from La Sibilla fresh back from Argentina.  It was great to see friends such as Emanuela Russo from Cantina Astroni, Paolo De Cristofaro and Lello De Franco from  Città del Gusto Napoli, Alessandro Barletta from Il Campanaro in Taurasi, and Pino Caggiano-Cantine Caggiano.  All under one roof. 

My Ais Napoli Sommelier team; Mr President Tommaso Luongo, Franco De Luca, Giusy Romano, Pino Savoia, and Massimo Florio to name a few.  A Campania wine bar set up in the middle of the pavillion.  A place to hang out, try wines, and enjoy great conversation.  It reminded me of a typical Italian piazza...

My Campania vigna felix where I had the honor of spending quality time with Manuela Piancastelli, Peppe Mancini, and his daughter Masilina from Terre del Principe who really made me feel part of the family.

My Campania vigna felix was also represented in other pavillions and I made sure I had the time to visit them as well.  My travelling buddy Luca Vicidomini from Tenuta Matilde Zasso, Alessandro Palmieri at Feudi di San Gregorio, Quintodecimo, Mastroberardino, and the entire Martusciello  gang from Grotte del Sole.

My Campania vigna felix hosted wine tastings which I will happily share in this blog in the days to come. 

My Campania vigna felix...troppo bello...

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