Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Orvieto and Florence-Art is not just in the Museums

Last week I was on the road-the annual 7th grade field trip, where my friend and co worker Kate and I took a group of 16 7th graders on a whirlwind tour of Orivieto and Florence.  I look forward to this trip each year because it is a time to travel, see great works of art close up, bond with the students on the endless bus ride to and from Florence, no sleep :-)

This year, Kate and I discovered three works of art outside of the museums and cathedrals;  Orvieto and Florence's restaurants and wine bars.  These were not your usual mass field trip with students-chicken cutlet and french fries-pizza-coca cola- stops.  These were restaurants with real tablecloths, linen napkins,...waiters.

Le Grotte del Funaro.  Via Ripa Serancia, 41 Orvieto.  This place was awesome!  A restaurant inside an ancient cave that was used by ropemakers (funaro)

Osteria dei Baroncelli, Via Chiasso dei Baroncelli, 1 Firenze.  Here the staff was excellent.  We had a great rissoto con funghi.  Frescoes and statues throughout the interior. 

Ristorante & Wine Bar dei Frescobaldi, Via de'Magazzini 2-4/R Firenze.  Yes, wine bar...even teachers need a break.  We had a half hour of free time so Kate tried three whites, I stuck with my reds.  What a great way to relax after a long day.

So, if you're in the area, you must stop here!

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