Monday, May 10, 2010

Il Pirata in Praiano---Ci Mancava Solo La Luna


These are some of the thoughts, phrases, pensieri, that come to mind after spending 12 hours in Praiano. 12 hours on the spiaggia La Praia… 12 hours specifically at Il Pirata. Il Pirata is a restaurant that really knows the meaning of ‘location, location, location.’ This ristorante is located in a beautiful position on the sea, on the rocks, tightly hugging onto a cliff. Inside, candlelight illuminates the bar which is located inside a grotto, a cave. Here is where you relax. Here is where you order your appertivo. (Mine? A glass of Terre Saracene-Costa D’Amalfi-Ettore Sammarco 2009.) It is here where you wait for your friends. It is here where you exchange a word, a laugh with Rino Milano (owner), his sister Vera, and barman Sergio before you head to your table.

Your table. Overlooking the sea. Your table, that on this particular evening ‘ci mancava solo la luna’, only the moon was missing to make this photograph complete.

My friends arrived from nearby Tramonti with gifts in tow. Fave, salami and pancetta. Our first antipasti. Then Rino and staff showered us with antipasti from the sea. I am a firm believer that if you are eating at a restaurant on the sea---the menu should reflect that. And it did, nonstop. I tried pasta con pescatrice (monkfish) that I am still dreaming about…

My twelve hours at Il Pirata did not finish at dinnertime. After a bit of conversation, I headed up to my camera which I reserved for the night. This room was on the path above Il Pirata. This room also embraced the cliff. I wish I could share with you the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks, the seagulls, the wave and smile of the fisherman in the early morning. The warmth of the sun that greeted me and almost convinced me to stay awhile longer.

But all good things must come to an end. I said goodbye to Praiano, spiaggia La Praia, and Il Pirata and was back on the road….

Andiamotrips will be organizing a trip to Il Pirata soon, in the meantime, if you find yourself on the Amalfi Coast, check it out…

Ristorante Il Pirata
Via Terramare, Praiano (SA)
089 874 377

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