Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taurasi Road Trip--What a Ride!

I had the opportunity to share my Campania –my Taurasi, in the heart of Avellino, on Saturday, May 1st with a curious group of wine lovers. For many it was the first time in Taurasi, so I had to take them to see Vino e Caffè…my number one stop when I arrive. After a quick cappuccino and cornetto with my friend Oscar Santsuosso, we headed out the door. It must have been an interesting sight, 25 English speaking wine lovers heading down the sleepy street –destination-Cantine Caggiano. On our way, I saw Antonio Caggiano relaxing on his patio a few doors down from his winery. I waved, and he joined our little parade to the front door of his winery. I’ve known Antonio Caggiano for nearly 5 years. I’ve translated winery tours with him on dozens of occasions…it is always a blast…divertente to share his passions with his visitors, his guests. After a tour, our group strolled to the centro storico, to the Enoteca Regionale dei vini d’Irpinia for a visit of this medieval palace. Here, we were greeted by Alessandro Barletta, from Slow Food who hooked us up with an exclusive sensorial wine tour and wine tasting led by Emilio Di Placido. Our group participated in a mini wine tasting lesson, complete with interactive material on the senses of touch, sight, smell and taste. An introduction into the world of aglianico…the world of Taurasi. Then upstairs for a wine tasting. Nearly 27 bottles of the area’s best Taurasis and aglianicos on the table…and all we had to do was say, ‘I’d like to try that one.’ ...Magic.

Lunchtime—off to Agriturismo Taurasi. Peppe prepared an enormous table for us where we had a great meal that lasted nearly 3 ½ hours…including naptime on the lawn!

What a day!! Taurasi…you made me proud!

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