Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fantastic First: Tortelli Stuffed with Roasted Ham, Cream, and Lemongrass by Chef Mirko Balzano

This dish by Chef Balzano of Villa Assunta looked almost too good to eat...almost.

Ingredients for 6
300ml fresh cream, lemongrass, 500g   egg pasta

For the filling: 400g fresh  ham, 1 clove garlic, 100g cured bacon (pamcetta)

Prepare the filling for ravioli by sautéing  the fresh ham or pork on the grill or in pan without adding  oil. In this way, you are smoking the ham that must remain raw inside.  Let cool  . Grind with the help of a meat grinder or food processor the cooled ham, garlic, seasoned bacon and a few leaves of lemon grass. Once the filling is complete, place it inside the egg pasta,  giving it the desired tortelli shape. Prepare   the plate with cold cream and  cooked  tortelli (which has been glazed in warm butter, in order to get that perfect contrast between warm and cool) .Toss with salt flakes and garnish with lemongrass and your imagination.

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