Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Show 2011 - Chef Pisaniello's Party in Ponteromito (Av)

Chef Pisaniello
It was about three weeks ago.  Three weeks ago ish.  I was enjoying a pizza and a beer in Ponteromito,  a seat at the bar of Trattovia, chatting with Chef Antonio Pisaniello.  Pisaniello had an idea.  He wanted to put on a show.  A show with that would tell his story through culture, music, wine, and of course amazing cuisine.  He wanted to ask a few chef friends to participate.  Hold this 'event' in the nearby ampitheater on a Friday evenening.  Which Friday?  "September 16th..." he replied...

In three weeks??!! Wow...not a lot of time.  But then I thought, if anyone could pull this off, it would definitely be the chef with his wife Jenny Auriemma.

Plans were set, the stage was set, and on Friday September 16th, Food Show...Pisaniello's party began.  Pisaniello and his collegues/ friends  Chefs Mauro Elli from Cantuccio di Albavilla (Co), Paolo Barrale from Marennà di Sorbo Serpico (Av), Raffaele Vitale with Giocchino Orlando of Casa del Nonno 13 in Mercato San Severino (Sa), Giovanni Mariconda of Taberna Vulgi di Santo Stefano al Sole (Av), Lorenzo Principe of  Luna Galante in  Nocera Superiore (Sa), Pompeo Limongiello of  L’Incanto di S. Andrea di Conza (Av). and Pasquale Torrente's team with  Domenico Lambiase from Il Convento in Cetara (Sa).

Each chef a dish.  Panino with lamb (Mariconda), a pizza fritta with corbarini tomatoes (Principe).  A pizza with scarola and anchovies (Limongiello), 'lo scammaro' (Il Convento), Marbre di carne alla lombarda (Elli), and acquaefarina al basilico pasta with a tomato salad (Vitale).  A risotto made with cocoa and onions (Barrale), then Pisaniello's roasted pork with annurca apples and vanilia oil.  Desert.  Chefs Silvia De AN
ngelis, Antonio Natale and Giuseppe Lo Iudice prepared a bianco torrone all'olio ravece. Each dish a song. Jovanotti, Indigo Sun, Battiato, Pino Daniele, and Jethro Tull to name a few... Each song a glass of wine.  Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Aglianico, Nuccilo...

It was show.  A party.  Fun, divertente. the crowd.  It was as if this small ampitheater in the small town of Ponteromito became Pisaniello's backyard.  It in some ways, it was. 

He pulled it off...  

Fireworks included...

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