Monday, October 3, 2011

Pizzata with Salvo... Hard to Say No...

Salvatore Salvo
It was hard to say no when Salvatore Salvo invited me over for a pizza.  Or should I say, a pizzata.  Lunch in his family's pizzeria in San Giorgio a Cremano, just outside of Naples.  It was hard to say no. 

So I said yes.

Yes, along with 50 other amici, friends for an afternoon  laughter, and discussions at our at a very long tavolata... 

Yes to a glass or two of  artisan beer and Gragnano....

Yes to Salvo's frittatina di maccheroni, arancini, zeppole pansarotti,  and  scagliozzi...

And yes to pizza, pizza, pizza,



pizza with alici (marinated sardines)

pizza with alici

with fresh tomatoes

with eggplant

with eggplant

pizza fritta

Pizzata...hard to say no...

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