Monday, November 14, 2011

Soul Pasta 11 11 11 - La Locanda di Bu - Nusco (Av)

Chef Antonio Pisaniello and Chef Raffaele Vitale

Pasta on the menu.  Nothing particularly unusual about that, I mean we are in Italy.  But Chef Antonio Pisaniello, La Locanda di Bu in Nusco had an idea.  An entire menu featuring pasta.  From  antipasto to the dessert.  

We'll call it Soul Pasta - l'anima di pasta...he decided.  He chose a particular date - 11 11 11.  He asked friends  Chefs Raffaele Vitale, Lorenzo Principe, and Jonathan Rossi to team up with his staff to pull it off.  Pasta was provided by Giocchino Orlando's Casa del Tortellino, a pasta house that specializes in producing pasta using ancient grain.  Wine?  Antonio Caggiano brought along his Bechar 2010, Tauri 2010 and Salae Domini to pair up with a menu that included...
fried gnocchi with corbarino tomato sauce

nero a metà-taglioni al nero di cuttlefish, cream of potato, and bergamot

yellow winter-paccheri rigati with cream of pumpkin squash, powdered porcini, fried bread al tartufo nero

                                                          fusillipommarolpuork-fusilli with sausage

lemon cold air-taglioni with amalfi lemons, ricotta cream,candied fruit, 
hazelnut and vanilla oil

It was another entertaining event put on by Pisaniello and his wife, Jenny Auriemma...because we all need a little soul with our pasta....


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