Friday, November 11, 2011

Vineyard Hopping - La Vendemmia -Luigi Tecce -Paternopoli (Av)

Karen, are you free on Monday?  Vieni a fare la vendemmia da Gigi?

I received a phone call from a  friend inviting me to spend Halloween with our friend Gigi...Luigi Tecce.  To participate in la vendemmia...the .harvest.  I gladly accepted and took that long and winding road to Paternopoli located in the heart of Alta Irpinia.  I couldn't miss it.  This is my favorite period to be in the vineyards.  This is the time of the year when the grapes leave the vine and head to the cantina on the road to becoming wine.  An exciting time to observe, to learn, and participate in the harvest as the cantina  comes to life.  There is no  better way to understand the wine making process than to see it up close and personal.  To cut Aglianico grapes from the vine yourself.  To taste their sweetness.  To ride with grapes on the back of a tractor on their way to the cantina.  Watch them as they are destemmed and pressed.  Follow them on their way to the stainless steel vat or wooden barrel.  Smell and listen as they ferment.

Much better than trick or treating...

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