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#Tasting Taurasi #Taurasi Vendemmia 2013 Edition- The 'Non' Taurasis

Taurasi Vendemmia Edizione 2013 was held 8-9 March in Serino (Av) as part of Miriade & Partners Campania Stories. This is part 2 of my weekend 'tasting taurasi'....

Saturday morning.  9 March.   According to the program, we 'journalist/bloggers etc etc' would be able to taste wines at our leisure  between 10 am and 4 pm.  It sounds like plenty of time, but there were 64 wines on the agenda.  Sixty four aglianico wines in various versions.  From Campania Aglianico to Irpinia Aglianico.  From Irpinia Campi Taurasini to Taurasi and Taurasi Riserva.   Sixty four aglianico wines in various vintages from 2011 back to 2006. 

Determined to taste them all, I developed a piccolo plan of attack over breakfast. I'd hit the non Taurasis first .  I also decided I'd taste them blind.  That way I wouldn't be swayed by labels I was familiar with and maybe 'discover' a few new wines.  
Sixteen wines, thent.  After tasting them I found a few that I wouldn't mind having in my personal there are in no particular order...

Luigi Tecce
Irpinia Campi Taurasi Satyricon 2010
A glass of Satyricon is a glass of Paternopoli (Av) with the unmistakable touch of Tecce.  And with each vintage, Tecce's wines make everyone's list due to a deep complex nose and full flavorful mouth. 

Campania Aglianico 2010
Fonzone.  The new boys on the block, so to speak. And what a block.   We are in Paternopoli (Av) once again. This time with a wine that I tried a sample from the vat last year at Vinitaly.  Nearly a year later I tasted a wine that was interesting, deep and flavorful.

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe
 Irpinia Aglianico Terre del Varo 2009
 A glass of wine lives and breathes.  And it's always enjoyable when one evolves in the glass over a meal, during a tasting.  Like this one from Tenuta Cavalier Pepe.  Ready now, but with tannins that would let it age, soften and evolve over time.

Antonio Caggiano
 Irpinia Campi Taurasini Salae Domini 2009
A wine should also have something to say.  I listened as this one spoke. A  mature nose.  A wine that was mouth-filling with a nice, long finish.

Salvatore Molettiere
Irpinia Aglianico Cinque Querce 2009
Rich nose; fruit... light spice. Full body from the hills of Montemarano.

Cantina Bambinuto
 Irpinia Aglianico Matertera 2009
I am a big fan of Bambinuto's Greco, but here is an appealing red that will enrich the winery's inventory.  

Il Cancelliere
Irpinia Aglianico Gioviano 2009
Back in Montemarano for Il Cancelliere's Gioviano.  This aglianico is not yet on the market. I can imagine, then, how its intense flavor will continue to evolve after a little more time in the bottle.

Taurasi Vendemmia Edizione far so good....

Next post - The Taurasis...

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