Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pedirosa 2011 - La Sibilla, Bacoli (Na)

 Last night I opened a bottle of rosato.  I poured myself a glass of Campania  rosé to officially begin my rosato that begins in April and ends in March.  The wine that I chose for this silent ceremony was Pedirosa IGT 2011  from La SibillaA perfect example of Campania rose' wines. 100 % Piedirosso. 
A glass of wine with a dark pinkish color that is brilliant and vibrant. I poured myself a glass of aromas.  Fresh and floral aromas.  Aromas that may lead one to believe that this is more a wine cooler than a wine. But this is not your mother's rosato...

Sapidity and flavor from the first sip. A sip of Campi Flegrei.  And as took a second sip, it was hard not to imagine that soft breeze on my face the dozen or so times that I have been in the La Sibilla vineyards.  I could taste the sea, taste the minerals in the soil...
Pairing possibilities?  Almost endless. A wine that is light enough for fish but strong enough for meat dishes.  I found myself wishing that I had a plate of linguine with mussels.  Or a nice light soup made with cicerchia beans from La Sibilla's garden.  Or maybe grilled vegetables.  Or grilled sausage or fish. 
As the ceremony came to a close, I already began thinking ahead.  
To when I would open the 2012 vintage. A vintage that I tasted last month...a work in progress as it sits in its stainless steel vat in La Sibilla's cantina.  I remember that sip, and the words of wine maker Vincenzo Di Meo as I accompanied him on one of his daily tastings. A sip that already showed that 2012 will be different.  Di Meo confirmed with a smile.   But we'll just have to wait... 

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