Monday, April 14, 2014

A Star in Cantina -Chef Peppe Guida at Quartum Store, Quarto (Na)

Chef Peppe Guida
It was my friend Joseph who first told me about a top Michelin star chef located not far from Naples in a small town called Vico Equense.  "Chef Giuseppe Guida, he said, of Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa".  A not to miss restaurant.  Months passed and unfortunately I never made it to Giuda's doorstep in Vico.  Needless to say then,  that I was more than thrilled when I read the news that Guida would be the 4th chef in a series of serate at Quartum store- Una Stella in Cantina.
I made my reservation.
I showed up fashionably late, but still earlier than the majority of the sold-out crowd.  A chit chat in the kitchen with the chef, as well as a quick snack before showtime.  His fried cauliflower zeppola with butter and an anchovy on top.
If this was any indication of the evening ahead then my friend Joseph was correct.  And I said so with a quick text message. (Sono con Peppe Guida :-) )

The evening officially began with a glass of Asprinio Spumante brut V.S.Q whose acidity paired well with the chef's benvenuto.
If the zeppola showed the chef's savoury side, then his next two dishes showed that this grande chef with the big smile also has a light delicate touch.
Fresh shrimp, delicately chopped/beaten with ricotta and mandarin...

Briciole of wheat pasta with lime and shellfish juice...

Another pleasant surprise came when we were served Guida's zuppa di pesce.  A soup starring bluefish, an inexpensive pesce which was transformed into a meal worthy of a Michelin star.  Potatoes. lemon, olive oil...need I say more? 

 Paired with Quartum's Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei 2013 (world premiere).

Time for dessert.  And since we are approaching the Easter season, what better dessert than pasteria? The chef served his with a light but flavorful citrus sauce.

So was my friend Joseph right? Did I just have a chance to enjoy a meal by one of Campania's top chefs?

I think so.

Quartum Store
Via Giorgio De Falco, 7/9
Quarto (NA)

Via Privata Bonea 4
80069 Vico Equense (Na)
081 8799055

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