Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Taverna del Capitano - Mare in the Spring

Chef Alfonso Caputo
Around March, many  of us in Campania are ready for a change in temperature.  Tired of the rain, and we had a quite a bit this year, and ready for the sun.  So when the sun arrives, we're ready for the beach...ready for mare.  Not so much for a swim, but definitely a leisurely lunch in the sun overlooking the water.  So for my first mare-outing, I decided to head towards a familiar friendly ristorante in Nerano - Taverna del Capitano.  I was curious to see what Chef Alfonso Caputo had added to his menu for the spring.  Curious to see  how he teamed up  easonal specialties with fresh seafood from the mare that he loves so much.
Snapper terrine with broccoli.

Shrimp with fresh spring peas and cuttlefish roe.

Sea  snail au gratin with a sweet caramelized spring onion. 

Lemon chicken and vegetables with a tomato and ricotta sauce.

Pasta for my first course.  The chef sent me these two dishes, which I was told to 'mix it up' with my fork to let the flavors meld together.  I did. :-)

Pasta with clams on a bed of tomato and ricotta sauce.

Spaghetti with squid and fresh tomato.

Second course.  Two flavorful dishes that embraced the territory.
Aluzzo imperiale (local white fish) with fresh peas and asparagus with red beet and squid ink sauce on the side. 

Fried mullet and fried artichokes.

It was time to slow things down. Time for dessert-well predessert.
Kiwi and apple sorbet.

And last, but certainly not least.  Dessert.  A preview to Easter with a typical Neapolitan Easter dessert.  Pasteria.  A tray of this particular dessert was served in four cream, classic, cookie, and in a glass to drink.

After lunch, an obligatory stop by the say goodbye, better, see you later.  Maybe the next time with a beach towel, sunglasses and a good book.

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