Thursday, July 3, 2014

L'estate on a Plate - Pizzeria 50 Kalo' di Ciro Salvo (Na)

July is definitely my favorite month of the year.  But not just because my son and I celebrate our birthdays :-)  but it's also the month when the fruit and vegetable stands in Campania come to life with an exciting array of delicious flavors and colors.  What's evening more divertente is when I visit a restaurant or pizzeria and see that the  chefs and pizza makers have tweaked their menus by adding many of these fantastic products of the summer season such as eggplant, fresh tomatoes, zucchini and zucchini flowers.
50 Kalo' Pizzeria in Naples is no exception.  Pizza maker Ciro Salvo introduced his new menu a couple of weeks ago and I stopped by the other day to take a look/bite/taste.

Ciro Salvo

Besides the old favorites such as his Marinara and Margherita, I noticed new specialties such as one with eggplant with datterini tomatoes from Montoro, another with tuna from Puglia and onions from Montoro, and three pizzas featuring zucchini. I was determined to try one of them...but which one?  His pizza featuring ricotta, zucchini flowers and salami?  His pizza with topped with fior di latte from Agerola, zucchini flowers and conciato romano cheese?  Or what about Salvo's pizza with zucchini pesto and prosciutto crudo?  I decided to think about it over a glass of Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei 2012 (La Sibilla), a potato crocchette, and a serving of fried pasta.

I went for the zucchini pesto, which I later learned that they produce themselves.  Simple, shared Salvo.  Just zucchini and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

The prosciutto crudo San Daniele PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) was aged for 18 months.  Before summer arrived to my table, my pizza recieved a careful drizzling of extra virgin olive oil  from the prestigious  agriturismo belonging to Don Alfonso 1890.

L'estate on a plate.

Pizzeria 50 Kalo' di Ciro Salvo
Piazza Sannazzaro 201/B
80122 Naples, Italy
081 1920 4667

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