Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SummerPizzaTour - Pizzeria Salvo, San Giorgio A Cremano (Na)

We had just finished an extensive tour of the ancient city of Pompeii. "We" included Antonio,  agronomist for Mastroberardino Winery, and a food/wine blogger from Sweden with his family and friends.  It was lunchtime and the idea of a pizza and something fresh to drink had been on my mind for the last 45 minutes. Sure it would have been tempting to crash in the first tavola calda right outside the gates of the ruins but Antonio had a different idea.  Pizzeria Salvo... 15 minutes away ish by car.

Perfect.  The pizzeria famous for its soft as a pillow pizza dough, quality products, and sleek quick service.
Perfect.  A chance for me to check out their all encompassing wine list, which recently received top recognition from Gambero Rosso.
Perfect.  Another chance for me to try a summer pizza.

Salvatore Salvo

We arrived in the pizzeria right after the lunch rush and were greeted by Salvatore Salvo who showed us to our table.  We ordered the basic ' super starters', you know, the classics, potato crochettes, arancini, fried pasta, and an amazing fried pizza stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella and cicoli.

But would there be room for my summer pizza?  Of course!
A pizza al bianco, meaning without tomatoes.  One with   mozzarella di bufala campana PDO from Caseificio Golino&Bellopede, green zucchini flowers,rolled  Caserta black pig pancetta from  la Fattoria di Portici,  and an extra virgin olive oil picked purposefully for this pizza - Diesis  PDO from Frantoio  La Torretta in Salerno.  

Would there be time for a glass or two of Mastrobeardino's NovaSerra Greco di Tufo DOCG 2013? or  a glass of  Taurasi Radici Riserva DOCG 2006? We'll make time!

Would there be a little space left for the soft sugary warm zeppole di Giuseppe.  Their famous doughnut holes that are not to miss?  See for yourself!

Summer.  Gotta love it!

Pizzeria Salvo
Largo Arso 10/16
80046 San Giorgio A Cremano (Na)
081 275306

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