Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cupid Strikes Again - 'A Ren' 'e Lav' Falanghina Campania IGT 2013, Azienda Agricola Agnanum (Na)

When I met Raffaele Moccia a little over two years ago in his vineyard in Agnano I was struck.  Like cupid struck.  By his vineyard, his story, and of course his wines.  In fact his Falanghina has been a staple on my table often paired with his family's rotisserie chicken.
Last summer, during a recent visit with Moccia in his tasting room, he told me that he wanted to change the wine label on one of his wines.  His Falanghina IGT.  He wanted a label  that represented that particular wine which is a blend of Falanghina and other white grapes that grow in the family vineyards.
He wanted to use a photo  of a vine that is over 250 years old.  A vine that has been growing in that sandy volcanic clay for centuries.
He wanted to use a photo that I took.
And I'm honored.
So now when I swing by a wine shop, glance at a wine list, or swing by the cantina to pick up a few bottles, my mind will go back to that Sunday in Agnano.  And cupid will strike over and over and over again...

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