Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mastroberardino Winery's 'Sentieri di Vite' - 30 Seconds, 1000 Emotions

I received an invitation from the Mastroberardino Winery a few weeks ago.  An invitation for a tasting of the latest wines?  No.  I looked closer and saw that it was something different.  I circled the date - 27 March - and place - Museo Madre (Na).

The museum was packed  full of scholars, artists, writers, journalists, and wine enthusiasts like me patiently listening as  Piero Mastroberardino explained  his latest project.  A project to break away from the business as usual form of communicating wines.  A wine world that he comes in contact with daily as  he skims through international wine magazines and guides and travels around the world promoting his family's historical winery.   A project which takes  his passion for his territory and melds it with his love of the arts. So he, alongside talented director Nicolangelo Gelormini  shared with us their vision - a short  video  of life in the vineyard.

Piero Mastroberardino, journalist Rocco Moliterni, and Nicolangelo Gelormini

We were treated to this...

30 seconds.
1000 emotions.

Silence from the crowd as we reflected on what we had seen - then a roar of applause.  Applause that died down a bit only to watch the video again.  To absorb all that was happening.  To meditate, if you will, on the scenery which includes an Aglianico vineyard and a Chinese church altar.  To think about the  symbolism of wine as blood from the earth - sangue della terra.

The video continued to play throughout the rest of the evening.   Those of us who were treated to this world premiere screening enjoyed appetizers and a glass of wine or two as we discussed what we saw and what was to come ahead.

Yes, we were treated to this special screening, but there are big plans for Sentieri di Vite.  The video is  available by scanning the QR code on the back of the winery's bottles.  
Music and  striking images vs the usual technical data.

30 seconds.
1000 emotions.

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