Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Wine List, Please - Francesco&Salvatore Salvo, San Giorgio a Cremano (Na)

Saturday afternoon after a long long week.  And as I finished my last bit of weekend chores I decided that I needed a break. I needed a pizza.  I needed a glass of wine.
So I decided to head out to San Giorgio a Cremano to  Francesco&Salvatore Salvo - one of Campania's top pizzerias.
While greeting Francesco Salvo and the rest of the staff -Ciao, how have you been, it's been a while, etc etc - my eye was on the Enomatic wine dispenser machine that has a pole position near the front of the pizzeria. I was curious of the wine by the glass selection which changes often.
Bello - of the eight wines offered -three whites, four reds - three  were from Campania. Three heavy hitters; Terrantica Etichetta Bianca Greco di Tufo DOCG 2011 by I Favati, Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2011 from Rocca del Principe, and Fatica Contandina Taurasi DOCG 2008, Terredora. Wines that you'd expect to see on a top restaurant wine list were here, within my reach at anywhere from 4 to 6 Euro a glass.
My wine selection would have to wait until I decided on which pizza I wanted.   In the meantime, I wanted to try the famous Salvo fritture - fried goodies.  Particularly two new items; fried pasta and potatoes and batter fried cod. With a glass of wine? How about champagne???

Why not? I needed a break! And with the option of ordering by the glass I went for it.  Pommery Noir Brut paired perfectly.
Pizza chosen - though it wasn't easy.  I went for Nduja e Verzin - a white pizza with mozzarella di bufala campana DOP, nduja and verzin cheese.  I paired it with a glass of Terredora's Taurasi that I spied in the dispenser earlier.

While waiting, I decided to skim the wine list.  I mean, if the wine dispenser had some hot picks what would be featured in the carta dei vini? A wine list that included 105 reds, 73 whites, and 21 top champagnes, marsala, beer,
We're in a pizzeria, right?
A wine list jam packed with some of the top wineries in Campania.  A wine list whose prices are easy on the wallet. (la arge selection of wines around 15 euro a bottle)
I spoke with pizzamaker Salvatore Salvo for a bit before I left.  We talked about pizza.  We talked about the wine list.
A wine list which let's folks like me who need a break...
who need a pizza...
and who need a glass of wine enjoy it more often...

Francesco&Salvatore Salvo
Salvo pizzaioli da 3 generazioni srl
Largo Arso 10-16
80046 San Giorgio a Cremano (Napoli)
tel. 081 275306

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