Sunday, November 8, 2015

Savouring the Season with Chef Lorenzo Montoro, Osteria Al Paese, (Sa)

November has arrived.  And though the calendar says we are well into the Autumn season, the weather in Campania has been unusually warm.  One way to tell the change in seasons is by checking out the new menus in some of the regions favorite restaurants.
Like some of the items that I had a chance to try recently by Chef Lorenzo Montoro of Osteria Al Paese in Nocera Inferiore (Sa),  This chef is known for taking simple seasonal ingredients from the territory and focusing on their fantastic flavors. In fact, he spends his days between his family's farm Masseria Piglioucco/ Montoroerbe  and the restaurant.

Chef Lorenzo Montoro
To get things started, an egg yolk cuddled in broccoli leaves on top of cauliflower and  caciocavallo cheese. Truffle shavings on top added a boost of down to earthiness .

Next, a couple of appetizers, once again, highlighting the simplicity of country cooking, with a slight gourmet flair.  Chick peas; creamy soup and crunchy chips.  A touch of sausage to round out the dish. 

Mellone.  Made with basic ingredients such as potatoes and broccoli leaves, stale bread, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. The chef added a slice of pancetta bacon for an extra punch.  A typical dish of the season.

And of course, a fantastic first. Pasta mista with a creamy sauce made with chiodini mushrooms, garlic and milk.  Underneath all that dolcezza? Well, a surprise that you'll have to taste and see for yourself.

That should give you something to savour.

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