Monday, December 7, 2015

Marvelous Main Course - Chef Luciano Villani's Boneless Veal Shoulder, La Locanda del Borgo (Bn)

The sun sets early this time of year.  And by the time that Chef Luciano Villani of La Locanda del Borgo sent out this main course, it was already after 4 pm, the second hour-ish of a lunch which began a couple of hours earlier.  No problem, no rush. And this was worth the wait.

A cube of tender, really tender,  boneless veal shoulder- reale di vitello in Italian,   One of the most prized cuts on the block.  The chef served it with a topinambur sauce.

 A what?  Topinambur..also known as Jerusalem artichoke, sunchoke, sunroot, or earth apple.  Grande.  To the side was an nearly roasted artichoke with a surprising spectacular licorice sauce...


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