Friday, December 4, 2015

Minced Marchigiana Beef, Field Salad, and Peschiole from Variano Paternora - Chef Luciano Villani - La Locanda del Borgo (Bn)

I went back to the  La Locanda del Borgo Restaurant in Telese (Bn) nearly 14 months after my first visit.  That afternoon at lunch I was treated to an exciting array of dishes by Chef Luciano Villani that embrace not only quality products  the Benevento area, but from the entire Campania region as well.  Like this amazing appetizer. 
Check it out:

A compact pallina, ball, of minced Marchigiana beef from the Sannio area.  The chef carefully placed on top seasonal field salad and - wait - a specialty.  Peschiole from Variano Paternora, a cross between peaches and nectarines.  The chef sprinkled extra virgin olive oil powder on top.

An amazing appetizer with gusto!

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