Friday, May 13, 2016

Vermicello Cacio-Cavallo, Chef Antonio Tafuro, Osteria 1861(Sa)

I've always, always been a fan of spaghetti.  And though vermicello isn't exactly a spaghtetti, per se', my pupils began to dance when this plate was placed in front of me.  Placed in front of me where???
On the a table which I am convinced was set especially for me in front of a cool off-season ocean breeze, a lamppost, and sounds of various seagulls who decided to serve as background music for my lunch on the lungomare.
Osteria 1861...a tiny little secret tucked away in a small alley right off of Lungomare Perotti in Santa Maria Di Castellabatte, Cilento.
 An osteria which has recently been placed in the hands of Chef Antonio Tafuro who presented his twist on the famous cacio-pepe dish with this cacio-cavallo and pepper...

on the side?
Buffalo tartare.


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