Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Pappa al Pomodoro, Chef Vincenzo Guarino, Il Pievano Ristorante (Si)

I went to Tuscany a few weeks back.  Maybe you remember.  I spent some time with Michelin starred Chef Vincenzo Guarino nearly a month after he took the reigns at Il Pievano Ristorante.  There, in the kitchen, and then at the table I had the chance to try some of his new dishes for the spring. Like this amazing appetizer - My Pappa al Pomodoro. His bread and tomato soup.  His, because this dish is a Tuscan classic but Guarino is from Campania.  So he gave his twist on the dish surely thinking about  the flavors and colors of home...his twist on the dish with different textures and his famoso hot/cold temperature play.  A Tuscan classic Guarino style.
Let's take a closer look!

Fried sardines...

yellow cherry tomato stuffed with bread and tomato soup

purple potato crisp, creamy caprino goat cheese and pappa al pomodoro...tomato and bread soup...

Also on the block - a tomato sorbet and lots and lots of flavor.


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