Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fantastic First, Chef Nino Di Costanzo, Dani' Maison, Ischia, (Na)

Lunchtime, chef's table, Dani' Maison, Ischia.  A table in the kitchen  so close to Chef Nino Di Costanzo's pass, that if I desired,  I could actually reach out and touch the tiny herb garden that sits on the opposite side of his mini white wall.
I sat on my side of the wall at a tiny marble table looking over the menu.  Di Costanzo quietly watched and patiently waited for me to decide.  The decision was easy - Up to you, Chef!

That was all the chef needed for him to burst into action.  A serious series of dishes came from his side of that mini white wall, some that I have already written about here and here.

Some including this pasta dish - Di Costanzo's Linguine 'Gerardo Di Nola'.

Linguine pasta,

with a creamy sauce made with codfish,  garlic, and extra virgin olive oil...

and a mildly spicy puttanesca sauce.


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