Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mozzarella Madness, Muu Muuzzarella Seaside, Naples(Na)

In Campania, marvelous fresh buffalo milk mozzarella cheese is available daily.  It's eaten  alone,   maybe with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, sometimes  with fresh tomatoes, or on a pizza.
Mozzarella di bufala cheese - A Campania classic and an idea that sparked a fire in the mind of Salvatore Maresca  when deciding to open up a restaurant that focused on something new...the new black, so to speak.

Salvatore Maresca

Muu Muuzzarella was born!  And there I sat, four years and three locations  ( plus a temporary restaurant in Sardinia) later.

I decided to visit their location which boasts a view of Napoli's seaside... Muu Muuzzarella Seaside on Mergellina's boardwalk.

Maresca and company have a philosophy.  Campania's gold incorporated  in various parts of a full menu.  Like the quick lunch I enjoyed that hot Thursday afternoon.  Take a look.

Boccocini di mozzarella, mela e pesto

 - bite size pieces of mozzarella mixed in with apple and basil pesto...

Tartara di Tonno Rosso con Mozzarella, Limone di Sorrento e Velo di Pesto al Basilico

-red tuna tartar, mozzarella, Sorrento lemons an basil pesto...

Then dessert.  I had heard so much about the cheesecake, that I couldn't resist!  This version - starring buffalo milk ricotta cheese - was topped with a wild berry sauce.


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