Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fantastic First, Chef Luigi Lionetti, Monzu Restaurant, Capri (Na)

Capri!!! Surely you've heard of that amazing island just a 40 minute alisclafo ride from Naples.  International travelers go for the beaches, the spectacular blue waters, the famous blue grotto, and of course, the shopping.
Capri, however, also has some amazing hotels with some of the top restaurants around.  Last Saturday I had the chance to spend a few hours at Monzu Restaurant - Punta Tragara Hotel. A 10 minute stroll from the piazzetta - a location fantasticaaa - away from the crowds - with an amazing view of the Faraglioni rocks.  Bellissima of course.  But I was there to try some of Chef Luigi Lionetti's dishes for the new 2018 season.
I was invited into the kitchen to observe the chef while he plated up an amazing pasta dish starring mezzi paccheri pasta.  This pasta format is a challenging format, in my opinion.  The cooking time is pretty long usually 12- 14 minutes.  I love  an al dente pasta, particularly a pacchero that stands up and says hello.

Like this dish from Lionetti.

Paccheri pasta with zucchini...zucchini prepared as a creamy sauce, but also dehydrated crispy spring goodness...

The chef also added clams and tiny tiny squid...

Hre we are at the table....


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