Saturday, May 26, 2018

Amazing Appetizers, Chef Antonino Montefusco, Terrazza Bosquet, Sorrento

The last time I visited Chef Antonino Montefusco was last December, right before Christmas.  I had a chance to spend sveral hours with the Michelin starred chef of Terrazza Bosquet and taste some of his recipes for Natale in Sorrento.  
I decided to head back last weekend to see what the Spring had in store for Montfusco.  I was treated to an amazing tasting menu which featured some appetizers like the three below - all seated at the  comfort of his new chef's table.

A Gillardeau Speciale Oyster served with a salad made of frozen cucumbers, a marine sea sauce  and salty fingers.  A closer look...

Next up,  three thin sheets of fassona which is a prized  beef from the Piedmont region, served wth an oyster tomato tartare, a pesto made with salicornia (glasswort), and balsamic vinegar ice cream.

And you can't have two without they say.  

Red mullet, Controne beans, and Tropea onions.


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