Friday, August 3, 2018

Cocktail Pit Stop - Porto 51, Ischia Porto, Ischia (Na)

Last Wednesday was hot.  Maybe the first really hot day of the summer.  And there I was, hanging out on the island of Ischia waiting to take the ferry back home.  Did I have time for an aperitif?  Did I have time for a cocktail or two?  Sure!  Humidity and temps in the high 80s kept me company as I made my way for a cocktail pit stop.  Location?  Porto 51 - Music Drinks Food located on the riva destra, right bank.  Yeah, I was a little early for happy hour, but Doriano Mancusi didn't seem to mind. Doriano, along with his siblings Francesco, Miriano and Maira have been serving up cocktails here for a little over three years. After a quick look around the place, I was shown to my table, served a glass of sparkling water with fresh lime, and then handed Mancusi's cocktail book paired with some refreshing recommendations.

 Mancusi - How about a Bellini? 
Me - Bring it on.

A tall silver chalice of the famous Bellini cocktail starring peaches and sparkling white wine arrived alongside some munchies. Fantasticaa!

Munchies that included slices of bread from the Boccia Bakery and eggplant parmigiana (made by mom!)

Time to take another look around - take a look at this video that I shared live for Facebook ( which explains the quality of the video - sorry!)

During the video shoot, Doriano was mixing up a cocktail that grabbed my attention.  I had to check it out for myself.

Me - What's it called again?
Mancusi - Gaber...named after Giorgio Gaber... a famous Italian songwriter )

Ingredients? Biancosarti, Bitter Campari, a slice of ginger then topped off with ginger beer.  Garnished with lemon zest and a sprig of mint. Fantastically fresh!

I was entranced by the music the food the atmosphere and of course the cocktails, but all good things must come to an end...unfortunately.  I looked at my watch and noticed that I had just enough time to catch my ferry home. 
I'll be back, soon. I told Mancusi.
I've got a book to finish.

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