Monday, October 26, 2009

Tintore Day

Luciano Pignataro, Ais Costa d’Amalfi e Ais Napoli
Presents The First Edition of
“TINTORE DAY: the wine which makes a difference…”
Tuesday, 3 November at 1730
C/o Cantina degli AstroniVia Sartania, 48 Napoli
Entrance is free. Info and Reservations:Emanuela Russo
Tel.:0815884182 (9.00/13.00 - 15.00/18.00 Monday through Friday)

Napoli chiama Tramonti, Naples calls Tramonti:
Tuesday, 3 November, from 1730 to 2300, the First Edition of Tintore Day will be held in Naples at Cantine Astroni. A day dedicated to learning about, appreciating, and promoting the Tintore vine, a rare variety that is practically unknown to the public. This event is geared towards the press as well as people in the ‘wine business’, but the public is welcome as well. In fact, this will be a great occasion for anyone who wants to ‘discover’ a new wine. When you think about it, many Campanian wines that we drink today had been forgotten and rediscovered. This is one of them that fall into this category. The event will open with a round table discussion with wine experts Sebastiano Fortunato and Gerardo Vernazzaro and winery owners Gaetano Bove, Luigi Reale and Alfonso Arpino from San Francesco, Reale and Monte di Grazia. Journalist Luciano Pignataro will lead the round table. Afterwards, there will be a wine tasting and buffet with products from the Campi Flegrei and Tramonti area. I’ll be there. If you are interested, send an email to the above address, or let me know and I will contact them for you.The event is presented by Luciano Pignataro (, AIS Napoli and AIS Costa d’Amalfi. Present as well will be GIOI Piccolo salumificio Artigianale and Caffen.
Photo by Mauro Erro

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  1. Karen,
    We are so thrilled with your success of Andiamotrips. We only wish we could still be there to share in the experiences. Our wine stash is running low! Hopefully one day we will be able to return back to Italy and replensih it.
    All the best,
    Stacey & Jay