Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty in a Glass...Beauty on Paper

Vinitaly 2011...Record attendance.  Record high temperatures.

But as stifling and hectic as it was, I was able to find a moment of refreshing solitude in the Magistavini booth, pavilion 7B.  Because there, over in the corner, was a young artist.  She sat alone, with her paintbrush, her paper, her three glasses of wine...her thoughts.  Primitivo...Negroamaro...and Taurasi Riserva, she told me.  I watched for awhile as she continued, not wanting to break her concentration, not wanting to disprupt her creativity.

I watched as she dipped her paintbrush into each glass containing a wine with stunning ruby red coloring. I observed  as she, with careful strokes, transformed that beauty in a glass to beauty on paper. 

And for a few moments, I forgot about the heat, forgot about the crowd, and enjoyed a moment of refreshing solitude...

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