Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter in Sicily-Chef Marcello Valentino's Pesce Azzurro

Every now and then I see one of Sicilian chef Marcello Valentino’s recipes that I have to have for the blog. He was more than happy to share this one.

In Sicily, fish is a very popular part of the Easter menu. Pesce azzurro (blue fish such as sardines or mackerel) is divided into  pieces that weigh about 150 g each. He cooks each piece for a few minutes, fully immersed in extra virgin olive oil at  about 45°C. Afterwards, he browns them in a hot pan for a few seconds. The result? Fish that is tender on the inside with a beautiful golden crust on the outside. He accompanied this dish with black beans and a creamy spring vegetable sauce.

 Buona Pasqua!

Photo: Marcello Valentino

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