Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cantine Astroni Shares Campania

A few weeks ago, Cantine Astroni, gave Naples two new opportunites to share Campania with Neapolitans, as well as with travelling cruise ship tourists from all over the world.  Inside the newly opened Stazione Marittima shopping mall, they opened up a wine bar and an enoteca.  In their wine bar, you can relax and try one of their many wines that represent not only the Campi Flegrei area but Campania as well.  A glass of Falanghina with an arancino?  Or how about Piedirosso with a prosciutto or porchetta sandwhich?  And if you really like what you tasted, just go around the corner to their enoteca.  Here you can try more wines and purchase if you wish.

Cantine Astroni Wine and Street Food and Cantina Astroni Enoteca are located in the Stazione Marittima Shopping Mall next to Molobeverello.  Their hours are from 0900-2000 7 days a week.  For more info call 348 7685070 or

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