Monday, March 5, 2012

Chefs in Progress - Città del Gusto, Napoli

Exam day, Città del Gusto, Napoli.  Exam day for 14 students who had just completed a three month intensive Professione Cuoco course.  !4 young students on the road to fulfilling their dream of being a chef. After an intense written exam the day before, the test on this particular day was for each student to prepare one dish. One dish that would show their culinary knowledge, crativity, and presentation.  It was the first time for many, and I felt honred to be able to sit at the judges table.  to not only  help evaluate and rate each dish,  but to also  to provide suggestions, tips, and encouragement to 14 young chefs in progress.

Giuseppe Garizzone's potato and octopus salad...
 Dishes like..

 Marcello Mori's red mullet and artichooke salad.. .


Pierluigi Cristofalo's cream of chick pea soup with stuffed shrimp, pancetta, lentils, and toasted bread.

I have fond memories of when this dish was brought to the table and placed in front of us.  How Pierluigi explained the dish, the preparation, his thoughts, his motivation.  This had to be a nerve racking moment for him as well as all of the students who were presenting their dishes thta afternoon.  Nerve racking but exciting at the same time.

The parade of dishes continued.

Aniello Laezza's fried squid appetizer

Mario Migliaccio's paccheri al ragù di gallinella
Lucio Romano's ravioli caprese

Once again my task was to help evaluate, advise, and give confidence to 14 budding young chefs.  I didn't have time to try all the dishes.  I wish I had.  Who knows?  I could of witnessed the beginnings of a future Master Chef!

Citta del Gusto Napoli
Via Coroglio 104
80124 Naples, Italy
081 980 0900

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